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Company Overview: RemoteMD

Company Information
1525 Dickory Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70123

Contact Information
Website: www.remotemd.net
Phone: 1-877-660-7367
Executive Contact: Kelly Kittok

RemoteMD is renowned for delivering the highest level of medical care available today to remote areas worldwide. Services include 24/7/365 Medical Control, On-site Paramedics/HSE Safety Technicians, Telemedicine, Corporate Medical Direction, and Advanced Training & Education for paramedics working in the industrial remote environment. RemoteMD offers their corporate clientele years of experience and medical expertise which proves to be not only cost-effective, but can actually save millions of dollars annually for the client. This is done by caring for the workforce with an unsurpassed energy and standard of care which benefits the company in a number of ways, most importantly by maintaining their most valuable asset, their people.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Remote Medical Services
Ownership: Private