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Company Overview: Air Fantastic, LLC

Company Information
Air Fantastic, LLC
4406 Eagles Landing Dr.
Austin, TX 78735

Contact Information
Website: www.airfantastic.com
Phone: (512) 892-5327
Phone: (512) 891-9824
Executive Contact: Mark Mueller

Air Fantastic manufactures stand-alone machines & HVAC inserted probes with a technology that was originally developed by NASA. This same technology is currently being used on the space shuttle and the international space station. Our systems create an odor-free, sanitized, and allergen/dust-free environment using an advance ion-base non-filter technology. The high humidity and musty environment found on ocean based oil rigs are perfect for this technology since we utilize the abundance of moisture (H2O) to create sanitizing ions (airborne Hydro-peroxide H2O2). No chemicals, anti-bacteria agents, synthetic deodorizers or enzymes are used to create this ultra clean environment. Our systems are excellent for overseas rigs since it requires no routine maintenance and provides continuous sanitizing and odor eliminating benefit 24 hours a day. The average cost of our HVAC systems is between 12 to 30 dollars per month over a nine year period. Please call for free phone consultation.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Air Sanitzing & Deodorizing equipment
Ownership: Private