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Company Overview: Inovativsolutions

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P.O. Box 84755
Pearland , TX 77584

Contact Information
Website: www.inovativsolutions.org
Phone: 281-993-4181
Executive Contact: Troy

James Bennett the President/Owner and “hands on” force of InovativSolutions has spent more than 25 years in the private and public sectors in Oil & Gas operations, Tax and Business Development.He has a Bachelors of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters of Science Degree in Petroleum Engineering. He is a Registered Professional Engineer in the state of Texas and a Registered Patent Agent. During his tenure in the private sector, James devoted 12 years with Amoco Production Co. and BP Exploration Alaska with daily oversight of production operations of various oil and gas projects' performance and petroleum reservoirperformance. As a business development analyst he developed and managed an income generating tax incentive portfolio and managed Federal and State Property Tax initiatives and activities for incentives exceeding $7 Billion. While working with the IRS for more than 7 years in the Audit/Field examination division, he served as Engineer Revenue Agent and an In-House technical consultant and was trained as an expert witness. In this capacity he performed: valuations of Intellectual Property, oil and gas minerals and other tangible and intangible assets and examinations of petroleum industry tax matters.For 5 years at Deloitte and Touche, James served as project Manager and National Chair of the (Engineer Technical Liaisons Committee) and Technical Expert for the Quality Assurances and Advisory Services Group for the Firm's National Research and Development's (R&D) practice. He also performed Audit Defense duties and developed the firm's Best Practices for interview techniques, technical memorandum documentation deciphered from engineers,scientists, patents and other intellectual property to establish the validity of novel concepts.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Tax, Technical Engineering, Legal, Audit, Litigation, Legal
Ownership: Private