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Company Overview: Corrosion Service Company Limited

Company Information
Corrosion Service Company Limited
205 Riviera Drive
Markham, Ontario, L3R 5J8

Contact Information
Website: www.corrosionservice.com
Phone: 416-630-2600
Phone: 416-630-2393
Executive Contact: W.W. Shim, P. Eng., President

Corrosion Service is a full service provider of cathodic and anodic protection and has been a leader in the science of corrosion prevention since it was founded in 1950. Our talented group of support staff, technicians, technologists and engineers draw from hundreds of man-years of corrosion control experience to provide CP materials & equipment, system design, installation, field testing & inspection, as well as remote monitoring and maintenance to clients around the world. Growing areas of expertise include: GPS & tellurically compensated CIPS, DCVG & ACVG surveys, External Corrosion Direct Assessments (ECDA), over two decades of experience in the supply and development of remote monitoring products & services, manufacturing of oil-cooled and air-cooled current sources, GPS synchronized interrupters, zero resistance ammeters, corrosion coupons, and on-line retractable probes. Services such as AC mitigation, stray current corrosion control, corrosivity testing, polarization curves, and metallurgical failure analysis are also offered through our subsidiary CORRENG Consulting Service.Inc.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Corrosion Engineering
Ownership: Private