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Company Overview: Alpha Seismic Compressors

Company Information
Alpha Seismic Compressors
Corporate and Sales Offfices
Portland, OR 97219

Contact Information
Website: www.AlphaSeismicCompressors.com
Phone: 503-244-0701

Offshore rentals, sales and service. Upto to 5000 psi pressures. Portable, skid mounted units. Designed for offshore and onshore applications. International provider of customized Seismic and Industrial Compressors for harsh and demanding environments. Specializing in Long Term Rentals and Maintenance Contracts. Fleet Operations located in Houston, TX. Sales of all types and brands of customized industrial compressors. Diesel or Electric. Air or Water Cooled. Containerized, Skid Mounted, Caged or Trailered. Development and Design. Logistics. Installation. Safety and Training. Maintenance, Parts, Repairs and Service. Contract labor. We serve Geophysical Contractors and Engineers, Marine Seismic market, Vessel Owners and Representatives, Private and National Oil and Gas entities, Industrial and Commercial Markets, SCUBA and Breathing Air, Organizations with Municipal, Educational, Governmental and Defense Applications. Specialty markets.Refinery turnarounds, research, testing laboratories, custom design.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Seismic and Industrial Customized Compressors
Ownership: Private