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Company Overview: Downhole Sonic Solutions

Company Information
Downhole Sonic Solutions
17 - 1339, 40th Ave NE
Calgary, T2E 8N6

Contact Information
Website: www.dsstools.com
Phone: 780-908-5259

Downhole Sonics Solutions (DSS) is a very young company but its roots go back to 1991 when Michael (Mike) Monticello founded Computer Sonics Systems (CSS). CSS was founded on a vision to be an independent supplier of logging tools to wire companies that would allow them to compete with the major service companies. The key was to provide technically advanced equipment of high quality and provide superior service. That goal was attained with the introduction of the Multiplex Bond tool ™. After many years of success CSS was sold in 2003. After 5 years of watching changes to his original company, Mike decided, in partnership with some of his former employees, to restart the vision. So DSS was born. A young company with over 70 combined years experience in the manufacture of quality logging equipment. We are here to recapture the vision of technically advanced high quality equipment backed by excellent service.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Cement Bond Logging Tools
Ownership: Private