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Company Overview: Alpah Pipeline Integrity Services

Company Information
Alpah Pipeline Integrity Services
304 Meadow Ln.
Kemah, TX 77536

Contact Information
Website: alphaleak.com
Phone: 281-334-5865
Phone: 281-334-7609
Sales Contact: Dana Colquitt

Alpha's proprietary SF6 Leak Detection System was developed and perfected for use in a variety of applications for the Pipeline and Petrochemical process industries in 1985 after years of in-house field research. It enables Alpha to rapidly and accurately detect leaks as small as a pinhole with leak rates as small as 1 drop every seven minutes in: Buried Pipelines during Pneumatic or Hydrostatic Testing Process Equipment (including ASME Section 5 Article 10) Sonic Leak Detection of Municipal and Commercial Water Systems and Single and Double Bottom Above Ground Storage Tanks In addition to SF6 Leak Detection services, Alpha offers several other pipeline-related services including: Intelligent Tool and Displacement Pig Tracking and Locating Above Ground Benchmarking (AGM) using GPS Non-Metallic Pipeline Repair System (Diamond WrapTM) Installation Electronic Sweeping and Line Location, One-Call System Operations and Navigable Water Crossing Surveys Combustible Gas Leak Surveys Specialty Access, Pipeline Fill and Hydro-Test Equipment and Right-of-Way Maintenance and Other Miscellaneous Services

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Pipeline Integrity
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 50