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Company Overview: ATEC Training & Certification Services

Company Information
ATEC Training & Certification Services
3409 Brinkman Street
Houston, TX 77018

Contact Information
Website: www.ateccertification.com
Phone: 713-862-0088
Phone: 713-862-0099
Executive Contact: Tommy Sutherland

ATEC Training & Certification Services , part of the Eutex Group, is your complete answer to the challenging world of potentially explosive environments. With global reach and experience, ATEC offers total solutions to companies involved with every aspect of hazardous area management and equipment. Based in the USA, ATEC has extensive knowledge and experience in both domestic and international standards and requirements for safe design and operation of equipment suitable for use in designated hazardous areas. As companies extend their reach into global markets, the ability to understand and follow design, installation, and operational requirements becomes more demanding and difficult - and the need for advanced training and certification requirements increases.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Training
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 5