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Company Overview: AMGIS

Company Information
10830 Kinghurst Drive
Houston, TX 77099

Contact Information
Website: www.amgistoroids.com
Phone: 877-762-6447
Phone: 281-933-9067
Executive Contact: Josh Taft

Amgis Toroidal Power Products is now offering an extensive line of toroidal power transformers and products, including off the shelf products and custom designed toroidal products, designed for any application where a transformer is needed. Toroidal power transformers and products are widely used and preferred in industries that demand highly efficient power products. These industries include medical, telecommunications, computer, power conditioning, renewable energy and other industrial applications. Our state of the art winding machines and testing equipment, combined with our wealth of knowledge ensure the highest quality toroidal power transformers and products for any application. We offer standard products lines for medical isolation, power conditioning applications, audio transformer applications and more. And with our custom design capabilities and unique manufacturing knowledge we can provide OEM customers custom power solutions as well.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: toroidal transformers
Ownership: Private