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Company Overview: Reliant Oilfield Products

Company Information
Reliant Oilfield Products
12 Arumugam Road
Lion Building 'B' #02-07A,
Singapore, 409958

Contact Information
Website: www.reliant.com.sg
Phone: +65-6848-4352
Phone: +65-6848-4342

Reliant Oilfield Products Pte Ltd was set up by David Moore. David has over 25 years of experience in the Oilfield Industry and has worked his way through Service to his current position, owner & Director of ROP Pte Ltd. Reliant represents two companies one being Petro Bangun Engineering (PBE) http://www.petrobe.com who are based in Jakarta Indonesia and the other being ACE-OCTG International Partnership Ltd http://www.ace-octg.biz/ out of Europe. ROP 's capabilities include, but not limited to the following: Third party witness Services with an extensive list of qualified personnel within the oil & gas industry. Rental of New & Used Drilling equipment, i.e. drill pipe, BOPs & pressure control equipment and sales of pressure control replacement parts, i.e. BOP rubbers goods, gate valve internal parts etc.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Third Party Inspection and Rentals
Ownership: Private