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Company Overview: PeMex

Company Information
Marina Nacional 329
Colonia Huasteca
Mexico, D.F., 11311

Contact Information
Website: www.pemex.com
Phone: +55 1944 9700

In Pemex oil operations we perform occur taking as axes productivity, competitiveness, operational discipline, safety, health and environmental protection. To carry out our various processes we have certifications and distinctions in our various work centers, in particular in processes and/or comprehensively. These facts place us as a highly competitive company - nationally and internationally- that works with strict quality standards. Looking for the maximization of value in our company we have two subsidiaries: one of exploration and production, and the other of industrial transformation, enabling us to achieve synergies as a modern structure. In addition, three subsidiaries that will strengthen the critical activities for the development of our company will be created: one of drilling, that will serve the new actors in the oil industry in Mexico and outside the country. And the other of logistics and transportation, by which we offer these services in a competitive and reliable manner.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Oil & Gas Exploration
Ownership: Government
Number of Employees: 133000