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Company Overview: Solomon Energy Services

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Solomon Energy Services
P.O. Box 1390
Conway, AR 72033

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Website: www.saverigtime.com
Phone: 501-499-0203

Pressure Testing during the drilling, completion, and production is a core service we provide to the energy industry. Our BOP testing expertise allows companies to enhance safety, efficiency, and environmental controls. Because of our decades of experience and our attention to detail, in over 20 years of experience, we have never experienced a blowout or significant environmental spill. Though we are world experts in BOP Testing, Well Control, Nipple Ups and Downs, Stack lifting, Environmental Pad Reclamation and Maintenance, and Torque and Test services, we also provide exceptional onsite or consultation for oilfield services such as Workover Drilling, Production testing, Stimulation, Wire Line & perforating, and Health, Safety & Environmental analysis. It is absolutely essential to have properly trained personnel for well control activities. Well control consists of two basic components: an active component consisting of drilling fluid pressure monitoring activities, and a passive component consisting of the Blowout Preventers (BOPs) The first line of defense in well control is to have sufficient drilling fluid pressure in the well hole. During drilling, underground fluids such as gas, water, or oil under pressure (the formation pressure) opposes the drilling fluid pressure (mud pressure). If the formation pressure is greater than the mud pressure, there is the possibility of a blowout.

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Line of Business: Blowout Preventer Testing
Ownership: Private