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Company Overview: NeoFirma

Company Information
8140 Walnut Hill Lane
Suite 830
Dallas, TX 75231

Contact Information
Website: neofirma.com
Phone: 214-233-7111

Neofirma is the leading provider of online well information services that Exploration & Production energy companies run their businesses on. We provide on-demand, software as service (SaaS) that supports the full life-cycle of a well from Drilling & Completion, Production, and Workover to Asset Divesture. Our services manage field data, processing, presentation and archiving of all of your business information in a completely IT free environment. All we require is that you access your company data through a browser. By viewing all their Exploration & Production data in one place, our clients respond quicker to trends and make more informed decisions on the state of their business.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Software
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 14