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Company Overview: Metal Coatings Corp.

Company Information
Metal Coatings Corp.
3700 Dunvale
Houston, TX 77063

Contact Information
Website: www.metcoat.com
Phone: (713) 977-0123
Phone: (713) 977-0123

Metal Coatings Corp. is a leading provider of industrial coatings to protect against wear, abrasion, corrosion and sticking. In business since 1974, Metal Coatings provides coating services for components ranging from small fasteners to pieces weighing up to 40,000 lbs. Available coatings include PTFE, Kynar, Halar, molybdenum disulfide, epoxy, phosphate coatings and polyurethane. The company's proprietary FluoroKote #1 is a leading solution for protecting fasteners against aggressive corrosion on offshore platforms.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: metal coatings
Ownership: Private