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Company Overview: GDM, Inc. – Oil & Gas Surveying & Mapping

Company Information
GDM, Inc. – Oil & Gas Surveying & Mapping
11836 Judd Court, Suite 320
Dallas, TX 75243

Contact Information
Website: www.gpdminc.com
Phone: 469-330-8910
Phone: 469-330-8970
Executive Contact: Michael Billingsley
HR Contact: Bernie Rodriguez
Sales Contact: James Meese
Investor Contact: Sam Billingsley

Geophysical Data Management (GDM) is a surveying and mapping firm that specializes in 3D spatial documentation. Through the use of multiple data collection devices such as total stations, GPS, HDR Photography and Laser Scanners, GDM produces both industry standard and customized deliverables for clients worldwide.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Land Surveying
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 35