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Company Overview: Purified Water Solutions

Company Information
Purified Water Solutions
DynGlobal California, Corp. P.O. Box 11866
Newport Beach, CA 92658

Contact Information
Website: www.dynglobal.com
Phone: (888) 235-7755
Phone: (949) 448-0515

DynGlobal is at the cutting edge of solar powered water filtration, wind energy and solar solutions. Our mission is to provide clean, safe drinking water and renewable energy solutions to those on the planet facing environmental challenges and disaster response. We offer water products like DG Mini,original faucet-mounted reverse osmosis system,DG 50 which offers reliable systems to produce high quality water for light commercial applications,DG 1500 reduces waste water to the drain while maximizing RO water production,DG -pro produces high quality water for a variety of commercial applications.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Renewable Energy Providers
Ownership: Private