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Company Overview: SilcoTek Corporation

Company Information
SilcoTek Corporation
112 Benner Circle
Bellefonte, PA 16823

Contact Information
Website: www.silcotek.com
Phone: 814-353-1778
Phone: 814-353-1697
Executive Contact: Gary Barone
HR Contact: Donna Lidgett
Sales Contact: Mark Eckley

SilcoTek™ focuses on developing new treatment technologies for the process, analytical, oil, gas and semiconductor markets. SilcoTek offers; SilcoNert™ 2000 (Siltek®/Sulfinert®): The ultimate passivation of treated surfaces, from glass to high nickel alloys of steel. A required treatment for metal components when analyzing for parts-per-billion levels of organo-sulfur compounds & mercury. Greatly reduce moisture contamination and improve system performance with SilcoNert™ 2000. Silcolloy™ 1000 (Silcosteel®-CR): A corrosion resistant layer that increases the lifetime of system components in acidic environments containing hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, or seawater. SilcoKlean™1000 (Silcosteel®-AC): Dramatically reduces carbon buildup on stainless steel components. SilcoGuard™1000 (Silcosteel®-UHV): Greatly reduces outgassing from components in ultra-high-vacuum systems.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Silicon Coatings
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 20