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Company Overview: PennWell MAPSearch

Company Information
PennWell MAPSearch
P.O. Box 5237
Durango, CO 81301

Contact Information
Website: www.mapsearch.com
Phone: (970) 259.5660
Phone: (970) 259.5868

PennWell MAPSearch provides quality, accurate pipeline system information featuring pipeline and facility interconnections. This comprehensive database highlights pipeline logistical information, including diameter, owner/operator, direction of flow, plants, terminals, gas processing facilities, refinery operations, truck unloading sites, compressor/pump stations, marketing hubs, and other facilities related to crude oil, LPG/NGL, natural gas, petrochemicals, refined products, and other petroleum related commodities transported by pipeline.

PennWell MAPSearch was established in 1979 as MAPSearch Services and became a part of the PennWell organization in 1998. PennWell MAPSearch originally only tracked finished petroleum products, such as LPG/NGL, petrochemical and refined product pipeline systems, but produced custom mapping coverage for crude oil and natural gas pipelines. In 1989, the company began to include natural gas and crude oil coverage and to computerize the mapping operations of the company. Today PennWell MAPSearch is a well-known, highly reputable provider of all petroleum pipeline system data.

PennWell MAPSearch is an information provider to the oil and gas and related industries. The information is published as paper map products or licensed as digital data in either CAD or GIS formats. Primary customers are petroleum and energy companies, consulting companies, and governmental and other related organizations. Much of the firm's data is proprietary, no longer available, or is not easily accessible from any other source.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Map provider
Ownership: Private