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Company Overview: MeteoGroup Maritime

Company Information
MeteoGroup Maritime
Agro Business Park 99-101
PO Box 617
Wageningen, 6700 AP

Contact Information
Website: www.meteogroup.com
Phone: 0031 65115 2292
Phone: 0031 31742 3164
Executive Contact: Maikel Laukens
Sales Contact: Maikel Laukens
Investor Contact: Laura Simon

MeteoGroup Maritime has been successfully audited as a weather forecasting services supplier ever since its establishment in 1992. Through the years, the maritime department evolved into a modern and sophisticated organization capable of meeting specific requirements within the maritime industry. In 2004, Meteo Consult built and further developed, the Nautical Meteo Base (NMB) which is a unique forecasting tool based on a verified multi model approach with an interference utility for our team of highly experienced marine forecasters. MeteoGroup Maritime’s latest addition is Briefcast; a live and interactive weather briefing through the use of WebEx, assisting your weather critical operations. MeteoGroup Maritime supplies a vast variety of returning customers working offshore. Our site/route forecasts are used on a daily basis for all facets of the maritime industry. From port to deep water, rig move to surveys; we ensure you get the latest and most accurate weather report on board.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Weather forecast services
Ownership: Public
Number of Employees: 250