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Company Overview: Pipe Wrap, LLC

Company Information
Pipe Wrap, LLC
1701 Bingle Rd.
Ste. 4
Houston, TX 77055

Contact Information
Website: www.piperepair.net
Phone: 713-365-0881
Phone: 713-463-4459
Sales Contact: Drew Cleaver

Pipe Wrap, LLC. offers composite repair systems engineered to reduce down time and costs of piping replacement. Our array of piping protection and repair products are designed to address specific problems with engineered solutions in almost any piping application and on any piping material. We offer structural reinforcement, leak repair, corrosion prevention (crevice and splashzone), insulation, and more! Pipe Wrap Composite Repair Systems have been tested by leading third party testing laboratories servicing the oil & gas industries. All testing has been completed using ASTM, ASME, and NACE or Exxon Mobil protocols. Along with more than 60 years of combined experience in composite repairs and pipe remediation, Pipe Wrap LLC provides our clients with specialized repairs, reinforcement, corrosion control and or isolation for all sizes and most any pressure range of piping. At Pipe Wrap, LLC. YOU ARE OUR PRIORITY.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Pipeline repair, corrosion prevention, leak repair, structural reinforcement
Ownership: Private