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Company Overview: TEPPCO Partners

Company Information
TEPPCO Partners
2929 Allen Pkwy.
Houston, TX 77252-2521

Contact Information
Website: www.teppco.com
Phone: 713-759-3636
Phone: 713-759-3957

TCO's gathering, transportation and storage business utilizes its two major pipeline systems, various smaller systems and trucking operations.

The Red River System, located in Southern Oklahoma and North Texas, includes 960 miles of mainline and gathering pipelines and 750,000 barrels of storage. TCO has numerous trucking facilities connected to this system, which delivers crude to market trading points as well as refineries through its own pipelines or connections to other pipelines. Deliveries off the Red River System were approximately 60,000 barrels per day in 1998.

The South Texas System, located west of Houston, consists of 550 miles of mainline and gathering pipelines and 550,000 barrels of storage. The majority of crude oil on this system is delivered on a tariff basis into the Houston refining complex. In 1998, system deliveries were approximately 17,000 barrels per day.

The Mesa System consists of four lines that include 310 miles of mainline and gathering pipelines, 240,000 barrels of storage and multiple trucking facilities. The system deliveries in 1998 were approximately 17,000 barrels per day.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Pipeline operator
Ownership: Public
Stock Exchang: NYSE
Stock Ticker: TPP