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Company Overview: Smart-Rig Cranes

Company Information
Smart-Rig Cranes
PO Box 874023
Vancouver, WA 98687

Contact Information
Website: www.smartrigcranes.com
Phone: 360-713-8199
Phone: (714) 707-4241
Executive Contact: Josh Clark
Sales Contact: Allan

Smart-Rig Cranes is focused on producing quality, portable & versatile industrial materials handling equipment that delivers the productivity, return on investment and cost-effectiveness that today's value-conscious customers expect. Two mini crane designs with multiple configurations allow these floor cranes to lift loads indoors, outdoors or on roof tops. Pick and carry ability for continuous use and transport of materials to install, repair, maintain or build. Battery powered, electric or manual options to choose from. 18-22 ft. boom height. All models fit through a standard 3 foot(36 inch) doorways and inside most elevators with a narrow design when compact. Outrigger legs fold out for stability and safety, while the counter weight system in back encompasses a one of a kind eco-friendly water tank design; allowing for a lower dry weight and reduced costs while shipping. Portable. Small. Safe. Our lifting equipment is utilized in the USA/North America, South America, and across the globe for glass installation, steel erection, HVAC/AC/Duct work, pipes, aerospace/helicopter/aircraft repair and floor crane facility maintenance on jobsites with confined or restricted access and small spaces.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Industrial Lifting/Materials Handling Equipment
Ownership: Private