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Company Overview: CygNet Software

Company Information
CygNet Software
994 Mill Street, Suite 201
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Contact Information
Website: www.cygnetscada.com
Phone: 805.781.3580

CygNet Software empowers leading oil and gas companies to increase their operational efficiency, market responsiveness, and regulatory compliance. CygNet's Enterprise Operations Platform (EOP) provides a platform for collecting, managing, and distributing massive amounts of real-time and historical data from field, production, and business systems, giving users at all organizational levels the information they need to support daily operations and make informed strategic decisions. CygNet's packaged vertical solutions and expert professional services team reduce the risk, time, and cost of deployment. Over 100 companies, representing more than half of North America's domestic gas production and thousands of miles of major transmission pipelines, are operating on CygNet today. For more information, visit www.CygNetscada.com.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: provider of the leading enterprise operations platform for the oil and gas industry
Ownership: Private