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Company Overview: Percon

Company Information
28877 Fox Hollow Road
Eugene, OR 97405

Contact Information
Website: www.percon.com
Phone: 800 501-1249
Phone: 541 255 3646
Executive Contact: rob hougen

When you are looking for industrial computers to track and control your manufacturing inventory and assembly process, you're not just looking for computers, you're looking for computing workhorses that can survive and perform in the most demanding environments. Percon brings you industrial fixed and vehicle computers that can survive in industrial operations like manufacturing. As industrial computer manufacturers, we're currently offering two models: Phoenix 104 and 104E. If you think computers require highly customized surroundings and favorable temperature, don't let this deter your plans to computerize your manufacturing processes. Forget about creating a custom environment for your computers; now the Percon rugged computers come customized to your environment. No matter what is your work environment, your company can leverage the astonishing abilities our systems to improve productivity, automate processes, reduce errors, and enhance customer service

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Industrial data terminals
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 18