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Company Overview: El Paso Energy

Company Information
El Paso Energy
1001 Louisiana
Houston, TX 77002

Contact Information
Website: www.epenergy.com
Phone: 713-420-2131
Phone: 713-420-6030

El Paso Energy Company is one of the fastest growing companies in America. We're an integrated energy company delivering services across the value chain—wellhead to wire—and all points in between. El Paso Energy has met the demands of industry restructuring. We’ve focused on the fundamentals, building operations in natural gas transmission, gas gathering and processing, gas and oil production, power generation, merchant energy services, and international project development. We’ve completed two of the most successful gas-on-gas mergers in the history of the industry.

Today, El Paso Energy spans North America with over 40,000 miles of the best-run, safest, most reliable natural gas transmission pipeline in the business. We’ve invested in energy infrastructure projects from Australia to Brazil. We’ve conquered the Deepwater with compelling new technology. We deliver power where it’s needed. We transform raw information into cohesive strategy while managing volatility through strategic diversity across our businesses.

Our future? It’s about solid, structured growth across our businesses. It’s about integrating those businesses to leverage their individual strengths. It’s about delivering more of the kind of value our shareholders have come to expect. That's El Paso Energy Corporation—Pipelines and Power.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Natural gas transportation via pipeline
Ownership: Public
Stock Exchang: NYSE
Stock Ticker: EPN