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Company Overview: Clock Spring Company LP

Company Information
Clock Spring Company LP
217 network Office Complex
PO Box 394
Bogor, 16003

Contact Information
Website: www.clockspring.com
Phone: +628111103650
Phone: +622518661724

Clock Spring is the leading permanent pipeline repair solution. CS manufactures products that restore defective pipelines to full capacity. The manufactured products include, the Clock Spring, Snap Wrap, Pipe Support , Leak Stop, and Contour. Our products are an E-glass Polyester Composite Sleeve. CS are found on High Pressure/ Low Pressure Transmission Pipelines, in Refineries, and on Offshore Operations all around the World. Commercial sales commenced in 1993, after a decade of research, development and product refinement. Over 250,000 units have been installed. The USA is our largest marketplace and we have placed units in over 75 countries. Product extensions and various derivative products have also found market success. Clock Spring Company is dedicated to providing the latest technology for the pipeline integrity industry. We strive to offer solutions that maximize worker and public safety, minimize environmental risk and minimize rehabilitation costs. Our e-glass composite system has been our strategic thrust and has resulted in innovative derivative products. Pipe Support, Leak Stop, Snap Wrap and Contour are the first of several new products and enhancements we have introduced. The Company is dedicated to a level of responsiveness, flexibility and technical expertise that will allow us to grow to fulfill new needs or requirements or our partners, colleagues and customers. Clock Spring Company is pleased to bring to the industry our Clock SpringĀ® Repair Composite Sleeve. Clock Spring Company's focus is to provide affordable and reliable repairs through each one of its products. The Clock SpringĀ® Repair Composite Sleeve System has been subject to many tests, and has been proven to be the permanent repair for metal loss defects. With increasing regulations and pressure, Clock Spring Company hopes to provide Pipeline Operators with a quick, and cost-effective solution for pipe repair. All of our products are avaliable in High Temperature as well.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Pipeline Repair Reinforcement
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 20