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Company Overview: Hy-Bon Engineering

Company Information
Hy-Bon Engineering
2404 Commerce
Midland, TX 79703

Contact Information
Website: www.hy-bon.com
Phone: 432-520-2292
Phone: 432-697-2310
Executive Contact: Larry Richards
Sales Contact: Curtis Locklar

Hy-Bon Engineering provides leading edge design and fabrication of customized compressor packages for handling low pressure gas streams. Regardless of the application: whether gas from oilfield stock tanks, casinghead gas, field gas collection, or biogas from wastewater facilities, digester tanks, landfills or breweries, Hy-Bon can design the package required. Hy-Bon also designs and manufactures custom CNG packages for municipal applications. A global industry leader since 1952, Hy-Bon units currently operate in over 20 countries – ranging from offshore to desert service. Our units are employed to capture diverse gas streams ranging from methane, hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide to extremely complex landfill and petrochemical gases. Specializing in applications under 1,200 horsepower, Hy-Bon is an authorized packager of many different compressor styles – including rotary screw, rotary (sliding) vane, reciprocating, liquid ring, beam gas compressors and jet pump systems. This experience and versatility allows Hy-Bon to focus on the most economical approach and best overall technical solution for your gas stream.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Gas Compression / Vapor Recovery Equipment
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 70