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Company Overview: Used Pipe and Couplings.com

Company Information
Used Pipe and Couplings.com
PO Box 698
Crosby, TX 77532

Contact Information
Website: usedpipeandcouplings.com
Phone: 8325140967
Executive Contact: Rick Nelson

Bigstate Oilfield Services offers many services to the oilfield industry, including: Clean/Redope-Availible to remove protectors, wash protectors, pins or boxes, Inspect threads, full length drift, clean out pipe ID, apply thread/storage compounds to threads and install protectors Used Pipe and Coupling Sales-Bigstate offers a wide variety of API couplings in our inventory. We also provide used tubulars such as tubing, casing, kellys, drill pipe, ect. Coupling Salvage-We are capable of removing pins from couplings that have been cut from pipe ends. By doing so, we are able to salvage the coupling for reuse as limited service. Our services include picking up your drops, (couplings with pins in them) dutching, cleaning, painting, packaging and delivery of your couplings back to you, or location of your choice. We also offer coupling storage. Check out our inventory and services at usedpipeandcouplings.com

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Oilfield Supply
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 5