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Company Overview: XYZ Extreme Anchor

Company Information
XYZ Extreme Anchor
575 Main St. #1514
New York, NY 10044

Contact Information
Website: www.xyzanchor.com/
Phone: 212 486 3912
Executive Contact: Vladana

LEADING INNOVATION IN ANCHOR DESIGN The XYZ Extreme AnchorĀ® is used by US Navy and NASA for special and the most demanding applications. By ELIMINATING OBSOLETE ELEMENTS such as ROLL BAR, HEAVY, LONG SHANK and HEAVY FRONT BALLAST, the Extreme is engineered to enhance the most fundamental features: ultra large, heavy and sharp FLUKE SURFACE and ULTRA SHORT AND STRONG SHANK. These innovations enable almost 80% of the boat anchor's weight to be in the fluke surface - the only anchor part that produces holding power! The design features force the XYZ anchor to set almost instantly in demanding anchoring bottoms - EXTREMELY DEEP for ultimate holding power, and HOLD regardless of angle of pull. Once set, even under the most adverse conditions, the Extreme boat anchor will NOT BREAKOUT. IT WILL HOLD! The holding power exceeds the strength of the rode and most other hardware. Cutting Edge Science - the 17-4PH stainless steel Cutting-Edge Saw Blade enables cutting through hard to penetrate bottoms: slippery weeds, corals*, small rocks etc.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Marine development
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 10