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Company Overview: Daniel Measurement and Control

Company Information
Daniel Measurement and Control
11100 Brittmoore Park Drive
Houston, TX 77041

Contact Information
Website: www.daniel.com
Phone: 713-467-6000
Phone: 713-827-4360
Sales Contact: Russell Barnhill

Daniel Meaurement and Control is part of Emerson Process Management, a leading provider of process instrumentation used during the production, processing and distribution of oil and gas. We offer a wide range of flow instruments that are known for providing highly accurate, reliable measurement with minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Principal products include:
  • Ultrasonic gas and liquid flowmeters
  • Orifice plates and fittings and other "head" type meters (flow nozzles and Venturis)
  • Meter tubes
  • Metering proving systems for liquids and gases
  • Liquid turbine meters
  • Measurement/alarm/control systems with various communication interfaces
  • Hydraulic, pneumatic, electric and manual actuators for valves
  • Liquid surge control valves and systems
  • Control valves

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Flow measurement and metering
Ownership: Public
Stock Exchang: NYSE
Stock Ticker: EMR
Number of Employees: 135000