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Company Overview: MPR Services, Inc.

Company Information
MPR Services, Inc.
1201 FM 646
Dickinson, TX 77539

Contact Information
Website: www.mprservices.com
Phone: 281-337-7424 ext.7103
Phone: 281-337-6534
Executive Contact: Lanny Roberts
HR Contact: Lanny Roberts
Sales Contact: Denny Nelsen
Investor Contact: brian lawrence

MPR Services, Inc. uses their proprietary technology to remove contaminants from amine and glycol systems resulting in renewed performance and optimization of processes. MPR Services provides dedicated operations and service personnel with their unique equipment. Our years of international experience enables us to face unique challenges. Amine Cleaning, Removal of Oxazolidone,Glycol Contaminants Removal Service, Handling Spent Caustics , Sulfolane contaminant removal , Remove Cyanide and Prevent Corrosion. MPR's Ammonium Polysulfide Program. New methods in waste water cleaning, encompasses large volumes and can reclaim to potable water if desired. We tailor our processes to meet your specific treatment needs

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Amine and Glycol Reclamation.
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 40