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Company Overview: D & C Inspection Services, Inc.

Company Information
D & C Inspection Services, Inc.
2215 Repsdorph Rd.
Seabrook, TX 77586

Contact Information
Website: www.dcinspection.com
Phone: 281-326-1800
Phone: 281-326-1888
Executive Contact: Daniel Harry
HR Contact: Cathy Harry
Sales Contact: Seth Daniel

We provide experienced personnel in many areas of fabrication and manufacturing in the petro-chemical industry. New personnel are being recruited and trained regularly to be more responsive and efficient at meeting our client’s requirements. As a result of having technical staff across the different industry regions, we are able to greatly reduce client costs pertaining to travel and expenses. All D & C personnel are carefully screened to assure optimum experience for the project that they are assigned to. Individual work histories and resumes will be furnished as requested. We have a network of highly qualified and experienced inspectors, expediters, and quality control / assurance professionals throughout six of the seven continents. Most of our inspectors carry multiple certifications such as AWS CWI, API 510, API 570, API 653, ASNT TC 1A Level II for RT (radiograph interpretation), UT, PT, and MT. Coatings inspectors are NACE certified. D&C is committed to innovation, development and creativity while providing superior service. Our aerial video and photography services increase safety, lower costs, improve quality and reduce environmental impact. We utilize Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) to augment the visual safety inspections required by industry standards, such as ASME, API, OSHA, NEC and DOT. Onboard camera and video equipment allow inspectors to view the required areas of inspection from the safety of the ground, which greatly reduces associated risks and hazards. Employing UAS negates the need for scaffolding, man-lifts, and other devices currently used by inspection personnel. This relieves inspectors of the extreme liabilities associated with exposure to heights, biologically hazardous gases, energized electrical equipment, and other industrial hazards. UAS will also be used for civil and law enforcement applications, such as providing elevated views of ongoing police activities, emergency services, fires, and other hazards.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Inspection Services
Ownership: Private