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Company Overview: Tidelands Geophysical

Company Information
Tidelands Geophysical
1304 Summit
Suite 2
Plano, TX 75074

Contact Information
Website: www.tgcseismic.com/tgc.htm
Phone: 972-881-1099
Phone: 972-424-3943

About TGC
Tidelands' Geophysical Company has maintained it's national position as one of today's leading geophysical data-gathering companies. TGC's scientific expertise and cutting edge technology makes new geophysical exploration less risky and cost effective.

In the arena of oil and gas exploration, industry specialists know that accurate seismic data is crucial to finding and completing successful producing wells.

Recognized Geophysical Staff...
Tidelands' recognized geophysical staff gather seismic data utilizing the OpseisĀ®Eagle's 24 bit high resolution data efficiently and accurately. They provide geophysical services at virtually any state site from coast-to-coast.

This small respected group of professionals have the experience necessary to hold tight budgetary control, restraining unnecessary spending while assuring quality control of the data.

Small independents and major oil corporations rely on our land based teams for both small and complex projects. Experience in field operations and data-gathering makes a difference in outcome.

TGC's geophysical staff experience makes the difference in outcome both in the business and scientific arenas.

Management Expertise. . .
As a small specialized company, Tidelands' experienced management team makes the difference in account maintenance.

Cost efficient budgets, supervised deadlines and strong communication during the acquisition process builds confidence for a successful outcome.

When project management is a major consideration, TGC's experienced personnel always make the difference.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Seismic data collection
Ownership: Public
Stock Exchang: NASDAQ
Stock Ticker: TGCI