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Company Overview: IPS

Company Information
Antigua Carretera VHSA-Cardenas - Reforma Km 11
Villahermosa TAB, 86283

Contact Information
Website: www.ips-mexico.com
Phone: 529933177595
Phone: 529933177786
Sales Contact: César Iván Hernández

IPS is mexican directional drilling company experienced in roughest drilling conditions including HP/HT and nitrified environments. Our experience cover Geotermal Fields in Central America. We have Operations in Villahermosa (Tabasco) and Reynosa (Tamaulipas), both in Mexico. Our main Client is Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX). IPS, THE directional drilling company, offers fit-for-purpose integrated solutions for the roughest downhole environments through experience and edge technology in order to support our customers from ground engineering to total depth. IPS Products includes: - Steerable systems: downhole motor and RSS - Telemetry systems: MWD (positive pulses, negative pulses, EM), LWD basic and Formation Evaluation LWD, Geosteering - Bits - Edge Technology: Geosteering, Shock and Vibration RT Modules, Real Time Gyro, High torque TW Motors - Conventional and No Conventional Drilling Fluids You can visit our page: www.ips-mexico.com

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Directional Drilling
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 150