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Company Overview: Space-Time Insight

Company Information
Space-Time Insight
45680 Northport Loop East
Fremont, CA 94538

Contact Information
Website: www.spacetimeinsight.com
Phone: 510-897-6763
Executive Contact: Mark L. Feldman, CEO
Sales Contact: Catherine Timoteo

Space-Time Insight delivers intuitive, geospatial-temporal visualizations, contextual real-time analytics, condition-based alerts, remedial action schemes,and workflow links that enable accelerated, geo-aware responses – from a single screen. Space-Time Insight aggregates and correlates data and functionality from multiple sources including streaming data from environmental and equipment sensors and real-time weather feeds, as well as data from enterprise systems. Visual analytics are displayed on satellite images to deliver full context, actionable information with links to background work processes for timely action, audit trails and regulatory compliance. Space-Time Insight additionally provides simulation capabilities for what-if scenarios and full-context historical playback for audit, forensics, problem-solving and planning. For more information, www.spacetimeinsight.com.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Enterprise Software
Ownership: Private