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Company Overview: Rock Solid Images

Company Information
Rock Solid Images
2600 S Gessner
Ste 650
Houston, TX 77063

Contact Information
Website: www.rocksolidimages.com
Phone: 713-783-5593
Phone: 713-783-5593
Executive Contact: Richard Cooper
Sales Contact: Gareth Taylor

Rock Solid Images resulted from the merger of three respected geophysical service providers: PetroSoft Inc., Seismic Research Corp. and The Discovery Bay Company. All were leaders in their respective fields of rock physics, seismic attribute technology and data integration and display.

Rock Solid Images is a seismic reservoir characterization company specializing in the tight integration of rock physics and seismic attributes sciences. The services we provide are the work of a talented and experienced inter-disciplinary team who partner closely with our clients. Our final deliverable is a calibrated reservoir volume(s), used to expedite prospect evaluation and improve decision-making processes of our clients.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Seismic Reservoir Characterization Services
Ownership: Private