Companies Must Develop Resilient Strategies to Deal with Sector Volatility
Wednesday Jun 13, 2018  

Despite a ramp-up of U.S. oil production and rising sector optimism, the oil and gas industry could be headed into a supply crunch, according to a new report by PwC.

“With oil demand growing and investment in many major projects having been deferred during the downturn, there is less potential supply available,” the report states, adding that CEOs of Total, Eni and Saudi Aramco have warned of a supply crunch by the end of the decade.

Sector volatility remains; therefore, oil and gas companies need to develop resilient strategies to forge ahead.

PwC identified the following supply-related challenges in its report:

Developing a Resilient Strategy

In order to be prepared for the fluctuations of the market, energy companies need a “future-proof” plan of action. In its report, PwC offers the following principles:

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