Wellbeing Provider Launches Sobriety Course Tailored For Oil, Gas Workers
Monday Apr 16, 2018  
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London, Harley Street-based wellbeing provider The Sober Advantage has launched a new sobriety course specifically tailored for oil, gas and construction professionals.

Kick Start Sobriety offers an eight-week online program which aims to help participants eliminate dependency on drugs and alcohol, boost self-esteem and re-new work focus. The course was invented by Dr. Bunmi Aboaba, CEO of The Sober Advantage.

“The transient nature of platform and construction workers means, until now, there has been nothing out there that they can access, whenever they are available to do so, to work on their recovery,” said The Sober Advantage Managing Director David Steward, who used to run a specialist oil and gas recruitment business in London.

“We have people logging in whilst on coaches/buses to site, whilst back at their digs or even having a Skype Coaching session during their lunch hour at work,” Steward added.

When asked to explain the inspiration behind the invention of the new course, Steward revealed that the oil and gas industry was “crying out” for extra support in the areas of mental health and addiction.

“I witnessed first-hand the alarming impact addiction and poor mental health is having on the oil and gas industry,” Steward said.

“Personal experiences included travelling all around the world to different oil projects and seeing at practically every accommodation block/communal gathering area at least 50-60 percent of the workforces either on their way to the pub or discussing how they can get booze in dry states,” he added.

Steward said the private nature of the Kick Start Sobriety online course was more suited to the oil, gas and construction sectors, which are “heavily dominated by men who are renowned for not being comfortable opening up and talking about mental health”.

Anyone looking to join the Kick Start Sobriety course can do so at any time. The total price for the course is $566 (GBP 397). 

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