Aberdeen to Lose 5,500 More Energy Jobs, Council Document Highlights
Wednesday Jan 10, 2018  
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An Aberdeen City Council document has highlighted that 5,500 further jobs are expected to be lost in the city’s energy sector by 2027.

Referencing forecasts initially outlined by Skills Development Scotland in December last year, the document states that these jobs losses will be offset by strong growth in the ICT/digital, creative and business and financial services sectors.

The news follows an announcement last month from an Aberdeenshire Council representative that a new scheme launched by the Oil & Gas Technology Center was ‘very likely’ to create new oil industry jobs in Aberdeen, North East Scotland and other UK regions over the next decade.

The scheme, labelled TechX, is described as a technology accelerator for the oil and gas industry. It was officially launched on Dec. 7 and aims to invest in more than 100 new start-ups and 200 SMEs over the next 10 years.

According to Oil & Gas UK’s latest workforce report, the UK offshore oil and gas industry currently supports more than 302,000 jobs. These jobs are said to be spread across the country, with almost 60 percent in England, 38 percent in Scotland and the remainder across Northern Ireland and Wales.

Oil & Gas UK’s latest employment estimate is 160,000 lower than the peak of more than 460,000 jobs in 2014.

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