UK, Norway Team Up for North Sea Hackathon Events
Tuesday Nov 14, 2017  

The Industry Technology Facilitator (ITF) and Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP) are hosting joint technology hackathon events later this month to tackle operator late life and decommissioning challenges in the North Sea.

Supported by the UK Oil & Gas Authority (OGA) and the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, the hackathon events are said to be part of a major North Sea effort to harness new cost saving ideas and technologies.

The events will also promote ways to enhance safety, minimize impact on the environment and create additional value for companies and governments, according to an event spokesperson.

The UK/Norway Joint Technology Hackathon events will take place in both Aberdeen and Stavanger and feature presentations from several oil and gas firms, including AkerBP, ConocoPhillips, Point Resources, Repsol Sinopec Resources UK Limited, Shell and Statoil. 

Each operator will share their current challenges in the area, followed by interactive group sessions to discuss potential solutions. Challenges include balancing late life production with decommissioning and optimizing safe, reliable and cost-efficient production from mature fields with significantly extended lifetime. 

“The OGA is delighted to support the hackathon events and the opportunity to work in partnership with Norway,” Bill Cattanach, OGA manager of supply chain, said in an organization statement.

“The successful implementation of innovative solutions can extend the life of mature fields and reduce their eventual decommissioning costs. It is accepted many enabling solutions lie within the supply chain and combining forces across the North Sea makes this an even more powerful approach,” he added.

Ben Foreman, ITF technology manager, said optimizing late life field assets and field abandonment represents ‘a major challenge’ in the North Sea. 

“By directly engaging with influential operator specialists, and collaborating with our peers in Norway, we have the opportunity to provide a platform to highlight innovative approaches, processes and technologies,” he said in an organization statement. 

“The output report, which will be shared after the event, will be used to develop an actionable forward plan and we look forward to working with both the OGA and the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy in facilitating this vital work,” he added.

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