How Does a Drill Bit Work
A drill bit is what actually cuts into the rock when drilling an oil or gas well. Located at the tip of the drillstring, the drill bit is a rotating a...
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Classroom Courses
IADC RigPass
May 2
Subsea Training Solutions, Houston, US

This one-day course is the IADC’s RigPass® program, which delivers a standardized safety orientation program for new employees. Completion of this programs that personnel have met basic requirements defined by safety and training professionals in the drilling industry, irrespective of the rig’s location. These programs also satisfy the SafeLandUSA and SafeGulf requirements. The course is delivered in our Houston Training Center.
SUBSEA 100 Introduction to Well-Control Equipment
May 3
Subsea Training Solutions, Houston, US

A one-day well-control equipment primer covering the history and anatomy of onshore and offshore drilling rigs. Different types of drilling rigs are covered and students receive a solid overview of BOP components and control systems. This course is ideally suited for anyone entering the oil and gas industry, personnel changing roles or anyone looking to improve their knowledge of well-control equipment.
SUBSEA 101 Well-Control Equipment and Subsea Systems for Drilling Contractors
May 4 - 6
Subsea Training Solutions, Houston, US

Designed for drilling contractor personnel with rig experience, this three-day IADC-accredited course provides a solid practical operations overview of BOP components and control systems. Suited for wellsite leaders, drilling superintendents, drilling engineers, assistant subsea engineers and trainees.
Pipeline Engineering, Construction and Operations
May 4 - 11
By distance learning, UK

The course provides a multidisciplinary understanding of the design, materials, construction, integrity, operation & maintenance of this important onshore & offshore infrastructure. Delivered entirely online by distance learning allows the programme to be accessible at all times & gives you the flexibility to learn in your own time and environment
Fundamentals of Natural Gas Marketing
May 4
City Center, Calgary, Canada

The one-day course will include an overview of natural gas fundamentals, role of regulation, and transportation basics with in depth discussion pertaining to pricing and price risk management of natural gas. Discussions will also include an overview of natural gas storage in North America and gas contracting principles.
Introduction to Log Analysis
May 9 - 12
City Center, Calgary, Canada

This three-day course covers the fundamentals of log analysis for understanding openhole logs and teaches immediate practical skills in formation evaluation. Hydrocarbon evaluation, porosity and permeability estimation are covered, together with rock typing and pay assessment.
Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) Workshop
May 9 - 11
City Center, Calgary, Canada

This 2-day course focuses on engineering drawings used in the chemical & process industries Classroom instruction & exercises focuses on critical documentation essential to the safe day-to-day operation of facilities (P&ID, PFD, Plot Plan, Electrical Area Classification, Piping Drawing, Isometric Drawing, Line List, Tie-In List & Shutdown Keys).
Fundamentals of LNG
May 10 - 17
By distance learning, UK

This intensive tutored distance learning course is the ideal solution for those looking to gain a detailed understanding of the LNG sector – from technical details, to market strategies through to commercial issues and future trends. Delivered online allows the programme to be accessible at all times providing flexibility to learn in your own time
SUBSEA 101 Well-Control Equipment and Subsea Systems for Operators
May 10 - 12
Subsea Training Solutions, Houston, US

Tailored to operator personnel, this course addresses the concerns and issues personnel experience when looking to resolve the theoretical operations of the equipment. This course strives to promote and enhance the relationship between operators and drilling contractors. A three-day IADC-accredited course on well-control equipment and subsea systems, this course covers BOP components and control systems.
Subsea 102 Introduction to BOP MUX Control Systems
May 17 - 19
Subsea Training Solutions, Houston, US

A three-day IADC accredited course that provides a solid comparison and contrast overview of systems, tracking the electrical-hydraulic signal logic and fluid flow sequences from initiation at the remote panel to stack end device actuations. Prerequisite: Subsea 101 and some electronics-electrical background. Course is delivered in our state-of-the-art 3D Training Center in Houston.
Introduction to Petroleum Refinery Processing
May 17 - 18
Westchase District, Houston, US

This popular, long-running two-day course presents an overview of the modern, integrated petroleum refinery. Each refining process is presented covering configuration, operating description and conditions, feedstock and catalyst selection, stream yields and properties, process parameter relationships and their effect on unit performance and yields.
Fundamentals of Subsea Well Integrity & Reliability
May 17 - Jun 30
By distance learning, , UK

Studying this topic will equip you with the necessary knowledge to maximise recovery from existing fields, and allow you to take a proactive approach to managing asset integrity by identifying potential risks before they impact on operations.
2016 Acoustic Seminar Series
May 23
Texas Conference Center, Houston, TX, US

You’re invited our FREE Acoustic Seminar series, hosted by Dr. Jean-Louis Migeot. Dr. Migeot is a world-renowned acoustician and CEO of Free Field Technologies. These educational seminars will begin with a broad overview of acoustics, then will review acoustic challenges from various industries and how they can be addressed using simulation.
Practical Solids Control School
May 23 - 26
Cagle Oilfield Services, Inc., Houston, TX, US

Efficient Solids Control means LOWER DRILLING COSTS. This intensive four-day school covers the basics of solids removal from drilling fluids. Economics as related to mud costs and penetration rates are stressed. Practical and technical material is presented in non-technical terminology making this course ideal for Drilling Foremen, Drilling Technologists, Drilling Engineers, Mud Engineers, Drilling Supervisors, Drilling Superintendents, or anyone involved in drilling or drilling operations.
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