How Does LNG Work?
Allowing a previously domestic product to reach international borders, LNG is becoming a popular choice for stranded natural gas or overproducing regi...
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Classroom Courses
Well Control - WCEC for Floaters
Oct 12 - 16
Houston Training Center, Houston, US

The Well Control Equipment Course (WCEC) is an intermediate well control equipment course and has been specially developed for drilling personnel wishing to gain basic overall skills in well control on floating drilling rigs.
Well Control - Deepwater Challenges Course
Oct 12 - 16
Houston Training Center, Houston, US

Learn about what's different (or what should be different) as you extend your operations into deep or ultra deepwater.
SEMS Training Courses
Oct 12 - 16
Houston Training Center, Houston, US

Lloyd's Register Energy - Drilling (LRED) offers the following three SEMS courses: SEMS Champion training SEMS Internal Auditors training SEMS Auditor Team Lead training
Well Control School IWCF Drilling Course
Oct 12 - 16
WCS Training Center, Houston, Texas, US

This Drilling Course consists of a Practical Assessment Exercise and Written Test papers on Equipment and Principles & Procedures for Drillers and Drilling Supervisors based on IWCF Certification Standards. Registration/information at or 713-849-7400.
Subsea 101 / Introduction to Well-Control Equipment and Subsea Systems
Oct 13 - 15
Subsea Training Solutions, Houston, US

A three-day IADC-accredited course on well-control equipment and subsea systems, covering BOP components and control systems, tailored to operator personnel. The course is delivered in our state-of-the-art 3D Training Centers in Houston and Brazil.
Geology for Non-Geologists
Oct 13 - 16
City Center, Calgary, Canada

This popular 4 day course will provide non-geologists with a practical understanding of the principles used by geologists in the search for oil and gas. The sessions will include both the scientific background and the practical applications of geology. The tools, techniques, and vocabulary of the geologist will be emphasized throughout the course.
Introduction to Geology for Non-Geologists
Oct 14 - 15
Westchase District, Houston, US

This 2-day course targets industry professionals with no prior geological training. It provides an understanding of fundamental geological principles and the background required to communicate more effectively with geoscientists. The course provides preliminary exposure to the main geologic principles that are employed in petroleum exploration.
Fundamentals of Petroleum Industry Economics
Oct 14 - 16
Westchase District, Houston, US

This 3 day course offers an opportunity for petroleum industry employees and related government, financial, legal and service industries to gain an understanding of the unique economic principles that drive the ''oil business'' in the 21st century. It covers financing, finding, development, transportation and marketing of energy resources.
CSA Z662 Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems Code
Oct 15 - 16
City Center, Calgary, Canada

This 2-day course will provide a review of the CSA Z662 Code including updates, with an emphasis on practical application to oil and natural gas pipeline design, construction and operation in onshore areas. The course is designed for pipeline engineers, technologists, inspectors or other professionals who require a working knowledge of Z662.
Petroleum Engineering for Non-Engineers
Oct 19 - 22
to be announced, Denver, US

This 4 day course is designed to provide non-engineering professionals with a thorough overview of the key aspects of petroleum engineering technology and applications. It addresses engineering issues ranging from initial involvement at the exploration stage to production optimization challenges. The course focus on relevant and practical.
Reservoir Engineering for Non-Reservoir Engineers
Oct 19 - 22
Westchase District, Houston, US

This 4 day course is for those working with, or rely on, analyses provided by reservoir engineers. It provides an understanding of the underlying value and limitations of their analyses provided by reservoir engineers, as well as a better understanding of the required data and assumptions involved in the practice of reservoir engineering.
Geophysics for Geologists and Petroleum Engineers
Oct 19 - 21
City Center, Calgary, Canada

This 3-day course presents the basic geophysical principles in a non-mathematical yet practical, tutorial fashion with numerous exercises. It will cover data acquisition, processing & interpretation. The participant learns the limits of seismic in terms of resolution, structural imaging & hydrocarbon detection as well as the benefits & pitfalls.
Rig Inspection Workshop - Floating Rigs
Oct 19 - 22
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

In order to ensure optimum performance of your rig, reduce downtime and maintain safety of your personnel, planned maintenance and accurate inspections are essential. Lloyd’s Register Energy – Drilling’s Rig Inspection Workshop (RIW) teaches the inspection and maintenance procedures required to ensure equipment integrity on floating rigs.
Hands-on BOP - Surface Rigs
Oct 19 - 23
Houston Training Center, Houston, US

Thorough knowledge of the BOP and main drilling equipment is vital for safe, efficient and trouble-free drilling. The Hands-on BOP Workshop presents the BOP and main drilling equipment found on today’s surface rigs. This highly informative workshop equips candidates with overall knowledge of drilling equipment, explains the most common faults of BOPs on surface rigs and introduces basic maintenance procedures with a focus on safe working practices.
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