How Does Well Acidizing Work to Stimulate Production?
Acidizing is a type of stimulation that dissolves permeability inhibitors within the reservoir in an effort to increase or restore production from a w...
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Classroom Courses
Basic Corrosion
Aug 27 - 31
NACE Training Center, Houston, US

Get a basic but thorough review of causes of corrosion and the methods by which corrosion is identified, monitored, and controlled. Active participation is encouraged through hands-on experiments, case studies, and open discussion format.
Pipeline Corrosion Assessment Field Training
Aug 27 - 31
NACE Training Center, Houston, US

Learn corrosion basic principles and theory, field techniques, direct assessment, in-line inspection and hydro testing techniques, indirect inspections, direct examination, safety and data documentation.
Certificate in KPIs for Shipping
Aug 28 - Oct 28

This distance learning course provides an understanding of how to use business analysis to map business processes at a high level in the shipping industry. Also, teaches how to identify those critical key processes to a maritime company's performance and how to use scorecards or operational dashboards to display process outcomes.
Certificate in Offshore Field Development
Aug 28 - Oct 28

The Certificate in Offshore Field Development teaches the process of offshore oil and gas production, from exploration and surveying to drilling, construction and supply. The course delivers the detailed knowledge required, along with management strategies, for you to successfully engage in the sector.
Basic Drilling, Completions & Workover Operations: BDC
Aug 28 - Sep 1
PetroSkills Conf. Center, Houston, TX, US

This course presents the basics of drilling and completion operations, plus post-completion enhancement (workovers). Participants will learn to visualize what is happening downhole, discover what can be accomplished, and learn how drilling and completion can alter reservoir performance. Learn to communicate with drilling and production personnel.
Mechanical Specification of Pressure Vessels & Heat Exchangers: ME-43
Aug 28 - Sep 1
PetroSkills Conf. Center, Houston, TX, US

This five day, intermediate level course for facility engineers and project engineers reviews the key areas associated with the mechanical design of pressure vessels and heat exchangers for oil and gas facilities.
Fundamentals of Natural Gas Marketing, Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin Perspective
Aug 30
City Center, Calgary, Canada

The 1 day course will include an overview of natural gas fundamentals, role of regulation, and transportation basics with in depth discussion pertaining to pricing and price risk management of natural gas. Discussions will also include an overview of natural gas storage in North America and gas contracting principles.
International Oil, Gas and Energy Law
Sep 1 - Nov 27
Distance Learning,

The course focusses on the practical aspects of oil and gas law and is set in the broader context of contemporary energy regulation, law and policy. It seeks to develop a deep understanding of how to resolve the challenges posed to international energy corporations, national and regional authorities, and those working in the renewable sector.
Well Control - WCEC for Surface Rigs
Sep 4 - 8

Our well control equipment training accommodates all experience and skill levels. All courses in this curriculum are IADC accredited and tailor-made for personnel seeking additional professional training to perform correct and safe operations involving well control equipment on surface drilling rigs.
CP1 - Cathodic Protection Tester
Sep 4 - 8
ParkRoyal Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Learn both theoretical knowledge and practical techniques for testing and evaluating data to determine the effectiveness of both galvanic and impressed current CP systems and to gather design data.
Petroleum Engineering for Non-Engineers (2 Day)
Sep 6 - 7
City Center, Calgary, Canada

This 2 day course is designed to provide non-engineering petroleum industry technical and non-technical professionals with a thorough overview of most key aspects of petroleum engineering technology and its applications. Sessions will focus on relevant and practical issues, including real case studies.
Introduction to Drilling, Completion and Fracturing Fluids
Sep 6 - 8
City Center, Calgary, Canada

This 3 day course designed for engineers, geologists, technologists, managers, and operations personnel, will present an overview of the application of oil well drilling and completion fluids. The course includes discussions of fluids technology and products, emphasizing the reasons for fluid selection and application.
Protective Coating Specialist 1 - Basic Principles
Sep 10 - 12
NACE Training Center, Houston, US

Be introduced to both the theoretical and practical aspects of using coatings to control corrosion and the economic benefits of managing them.Common corrosion control coatings are defined and when, how, and where they should be used.
Cathodic Protection Interference
Sep 10 - 15
NACE Training Center, Houston, US

Focus on AC, DC, and telluric interference. Study both concepts and practical application of identifying interference and interference mitigation techniques. Learn to identify the causes and effects of interference, conduct tests to determine if an interference condition exists, perform calculations required to predict AC interference.
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