How Does Logging While Drilling Work
LWD is a type of well logging that incorporates the logging tools into the drill string, administering, interpreting and transmitting real-time format...
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Classroom Courses
SUBSEA 101 Well-Control Equipment and Subsea Systems for Operators
Dec 6 - 8
Subsea Training Solutions, Houston, US

Tailored to operator personnel, this course addresses the concerns and issues personnel experience when looking to resolve the theoretical operations of the equipment. This course strives to promote and enhance the relationship between operators and drilling contractors. A three-day IADC-accredited course on well-control equipment and subsea systems, this course covers BOP components and control systems.
Leadership Skills for Supervisors
Dec 6 - 7
Westchase District, Houston, US

This 2 day course presents practical principles to assist supervisors & managers in their efforts to motivate & mobilize team members toward the fulfillment of team & corporate objectives, with a strong focus on interpersonal skills. Course discussions will primarily focus on topics which participants identify as challenges in their job assignments.
Fundamentals of Natural Gas Marketing
Dec 7
City Center, Calgary, Canada

The 1 day course will include an overview of natural gas fundamentals, role of regulation, and transportation basics with in depth discussion pertaining to pricing and price risk management of natural gas. Discussions will also include an overview of natural gas storage in North America and gas contracting principles.
CSA Z662 Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems Code
Dec 8 - 9
City Center, Calgary, Canada

This 2 day course will provide a review of the CSA Z662 Code including updates, with an emphasis on practical application to oil and natural gas pipeline design, construction and operation in onshore areas. The course is designed for pipeline engineers, technologists, inspectors or other professionals who require a working knowledge of Z662.
Effective Communication in a Demanding Work Environment
Dec 8 - 9
Westchase District, Houston, US

This 2 day course provides participants with a framework for communicating more effectively by understanding other peoples' points of view, & by customizing our messages to reach them effectively. It will illustrate how voice tones, body language, & other factors affect an individual's interpretation of the words we choose when communicating.
CP2 - Cathodic Protection Technician
Dec 11 - 15
Questar Regulated Service, Salt Lake City, UT, US

This course provides intermediate-level training in theoretical knowledge and practical fundamentals for testing on both galvanic and impressed current CP systems. Classroom instruction is comprised of lectures and hands-on training at an outdoor facility, using equipment and instruments for CP testing.
CP1 - Cathodic Protection Tester
Dec 11 - 15
Kilgore College, Kilgore, TX, US

This course presents CP technology to students entering the cathodic protection industry.
Coating Inspector Program - CIP Level 1
Dec 11 - 16
NACE Training Center, Houston, US

This course offers instruction on the technical and practical fundamentals of coating inspection work for structural steel projects. It covers coating materials and techniques for surface preparation and application that prepares the student to perform basic coating inspections using non-destructive techniques and inspection instrumentation.
Internal Corrosion for Pipelines - Basic
Dec 12 - 16
NACE Training Center, Houston, US

This course provide students with the fundamentals of implementing, monitoring, and maintaining an internal corrosion control program as part of an overall pipeline integrity management program. It focuses on internal corrosion of liquid and natural gas pipelines used for transmissions, storage, and gathering systems.
Pipeline Corrosion Assessment Field Techniques
Dec 12 - 16
NACE Training Center, Houston, US

This course focuses on remediation technology and field techniques for carrying out integrity assessments. Students learn to: collect data used for evaluation and monitoring of a pipeline corrosion control plan; recognize pipeline anomalies; make recommendations to resolve technical issues; evaluate pipeline in-service using ECDA, ICDA methods.
Heavy Oil Recovery Processes
Dec 12 - 13
City Center, Calgary, Canada

This 2 day course is designed to provide technical professionals with an overview of current upstream heavy-oil production technologies and will introduce new upstream production technologies that have been developed in the last several years. Technology screening guidelines will be outlined and informative assessments of the various approaches will be provided.
Natural Gas Processing - Dehydration, Refrigeration, and Fractionation
Dec 13 - 15
City Center, Calgary, Canada

This 3 day course is designed to familiarize technical professionals with the design & operation of several common gas plant processing blocks. The course covers dehydration systems used in typical field gathering & plant facilities, mechanical propane refrigeration, tower operations & troubleshooting used in absorption & fractionation services.
Subsea 102 / Introduction to BOP MUX Control Systems
Dec 13 - 15
Subsea Training Solutions, Houston, US

A three-day IADC accredited course that provides a solid comparison and contrast overview of systems, tracking the electrical-hydraulic signal logic and fluid flow sequences from initiation at the remote panel to stack end device actuations. Prerequisite: Subsea 101 and some electronics-electrical background. Course is delivered in our state-of-the-art 3D Training Center in Houston.
Rig Inspection Workshop - LR, Platform- & JU rigs
Dec 18 - 21
Lloyd's Register, Doha, Qatar

Lloyd’s Register’s Rig Inspection Workshop (RIW) teaches the inspection and maintenance procedures required to ensure equipment integrity onland rigs, platform rigs and jack-up rigs. Candidates learn to implement the relevant standards and understand industry requirements so that they can verify the condition of a rig’s equipment and improve safety, thus reducing the number of accidents and protecting the asset.
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