How Do FPSOs Work
FPSOs are offshore production facilities that house both processing equipment and storage for produced hydrocarbons....
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Classroom Courses
Fundamentals of Oil & Gas Production Engineering
Oct 25 - Dec 6
By distance learning,

This programme delivers a solid comprehension of engineering principles as they are specifically applied in oil and gas production. The six detailed course modules are sequentially designed to build up core knowledge, providing a systematic approach for students to acquire essential understanding of oil and gas production terminology and basic engineering equations, procedures, and models.
Rig Inspection Workshop - Floating Rigs
Oct 25 - 28
Lloyd's Register, Perth, Australia

Attendees learn to implement the relevant standards and understand industry requirements so that they can verify the condition of a rig’s equipment and improve safety, thus reducing the number of accidents and protecting the asset.
Advanced ASME B31.3 Process Piping Code
Oct 26 - 27
City Center, Calgary, Canada

The course covers advanced topics relating to ASME B31.3 Process Piping Code, with an emphasis on piping flexibility analysis process, including practice application of simplified methods and illustration of computer analysis methods. Requirements for nonmetallic, Category M fluid service and high pressure piping, plus in-service inspection to API 570 and a comparison to ASME B31.1 Power Piping are also covered.
Fundamentals of Oil and Gas Property Acquisition and Finance
Oct 26 - 28
City Center, Calgary, Canada

This course is designed for industry professionals requiring an understanding of the unique aspects of oil and gas property transactions. Participants gain an appreciation for those unique & specialized aspects of energy transactions plus nuances for forecasting product price, cost, and capital availability.
Coating Inspector Program - CIP Level 2
Oct 30 - Nov 4
NACE Training Center, Houston, US

This course focuses on advanced inspection techniques and specialized application methods for both steel and non-steel substrates, including concrete. It provides in-depth coverage of: surface preparation; coating types; inspection criteria; lab testing; and failure modes for various coatings, including specialized coatings and linings.
CP2 - Cathodic Protection Technician
Oct 30 - Nov 3
NACE Training Center, Houston, US

This course provides intermediate level training in theoretical knowledge and practical fundamentals for testing on both galvanic and impressed current CP systems. Classroom instruction is comprised of lectures and hands-on training at an outdoor facility, using equipment and instruments for CP testing.
Internal Corrosion for Pipelines - Advanced
Oct 31 - Nov 4
NACE Training Center, Houston, US

This course focuses on the monitoring techniques and mitigation strategies required to assess internal corrosion and develop and manage corrosion control programs. Data interpretation, analysis, and integration, as well as criteria for determining corrective action for high-level internal corrosion problems within a pipeline system, are covered.
Certificate in Subsea Engineering
Oct 31 - Dec 12
Distance Learning, UK

This course explores all the major aspects of processes, technologies and systems involved in subsea oil and gas production, examining the building blocks of subsea engineering, including the key components, flow assurance, reliability and maintenance. The renowned 12-week course is delivered by part-time distance learning so it does not disrupt your work or home life, and is an invaluable detailed introduction to this crucial and complex field.
SUBSEA 100 Introduction to Well-Control Equipment
Nov 1
Subsea Training Solutions, Houston, US

A one-day well-control equipment primer covering the history and anatomy of onshore and offshore drilling rigs. Different types of drilling rigs are covered and students receive a solid overview of BOP components and control systems. This course is ideally suited for anyone entering the oil and gas industry, personnel changing roles or anyone looki
SUBSEA 101 Well-Control Equipment and Subsea Systems for Drilling Contractors
Nov 2 - 4
Subsea Training Solutions, Houston, US

Designed for drilling contractor personnel with rig experience, this three-day IADC-accredited course provides a solid practical operations overview of BOP components and control systems. Suited for wellsite leaders, drilling superintendents, drilling engineers, assistant subsea engineers and trainees.
Fundamentals of Petroleum Industry Economics
Nov 2 - 4
City Center, Calgary, Canada

This 3 day course offers an opportunity to gain an understanding of the unique economic principles that drive the ''oil business'' to success in the 21st century. The course begins with a presentation of basic economic theory and develops its application to financing, finding, development, transportation and marketing of energy resources.
Introduction to Centrifugal, Reciprocating and Rotary Pumps - Design, Application and Operation
Nov 3 - 4
City Center, Calgary, Canada

This 2 day course provides an introduction to design, application and operation of centrifugal, reciprocating and rotary pumps. It emphasizes practical understanding, design guidelines. It covers application and sizing, system design, basic theory and operation, different types of pumps, pump components, pump auxiliaries, pump selection and specification.
CP1 - Cathodic Protection Tester
Nov 6 - 10
NACE Training Center, Houston, US

This course presents CP technology to students entering the cathodic protection industry. It provides theoretical and practical fundamentals for testing on both galvanic and impressed current CP systems.
Coating Inspector Program - CIP Level 1
Nov 6 - 11
Hilton Garden Inn Aiken, Aiken, US

This course offers instruction on the technical and practical fundamentals of coating inspection work for structural steel projects. Learn coating materials and techniques for surface preparation and application that prepares you to perform basic coating inspections using non-destructive techniques and inspection instrumentation.
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