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CSIRO Petroleum is a leading provider of research, development and associated technical services to the petroleum industry. Capabilities include:
  • Increasing exploration success through better understanding of generation, migration, entrapment and preservation of oil and gas. Technologies include isotope studies, organic geochemistry and petrology, fluid inclusions, stratigraphic modelling and hydrodynamics.
  • Improving appraisal and development efficiency through better reservoir characterization, including new techniques for seismic and geological conditioning of reservoir models.
  • Improving drilling and completion performance through knowledge systems and strong capability in geomechanics, fracture analysis and drilling fluids.
  • Sustaining an Australian energy industry through research in gas-to-liquids, CO2 sequestration, geothermal energy and minimizing impact on the marine environment.
  • Coalbed methane and management of gas-in-coal for mining.
  • Improving performance through new tools for managing risk and uncertainty.
CSIRO Petroleum is a co-founder of the Australian Resources Research Centre (ARRC). With access to vast global research networks, ARRC?s collaboration with global energy companies and suppliers, other global research organisations, Cooperative Research Centres and universities, delivers world-class research solutions, services, technologies and highly trained people to the resources industries in Australia and around the world.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Provision of R&D and technical services to the Petroleum industry
Ownership: Government
Number of Employees: 6500

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CSIRO Petroleum
ARRC, 26 Dick Perry Avenue, Kensington, WA, 6151
Perth, 6151
Contact Information
Phone: +618 64368707
Fax: +618 6436 8555
Executive Contacts
Executive Contact:
Greg Thill
Marketing Contact:
Dorothy Albrecht
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