US oil gas jobs

As home to supermajors, as well as a plethora of smaller, independent energy players, the US boasts one of the largest concentrations of energy personnel in the world. With its insatiable appetite for energy resources, the United States is the world's single largest consumer of oil, using as much as 20.73 million barrels per day as of 2008. Recently, interest has peaked in the vast quantity of untapped natural gas resources in the US, the reserves of which were inventoried in 2008 at 238 Tcf, with producers specifically targeting the nation's promising shale formations for this energy commodity.

A Machinist is someone who uses machines to make or modify tools and parts, mainly using metals. Machinists will be skilled and specifically trained workers who will be able to follow engineering drawings and specifications to make the required parts.

Machinist Jobs in US

CNC HBM Machinist

Ellwood Machining and Welding (EMW)
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Heavy Machinery Operator|Machinist

2nd Shift Machine Operator

Insituform Technologies, LLC
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Heavy Machinery Operator|Machinist|Workshop

CNC Machine Operator

Colorado Springs
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Heavy Machinery Operator|Machinist|Maintenance Technician

Diesel Mechanic

Watford City
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Machinist|Mechanic|Mechanical Technician