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Spanning Canada and the United States, North America is home to a plethora of major industry players, including Exxon Mobil Corp, the world's second-largest publicly traded company after Royal Dutch Shell. The region's oil and natural gas industry is focused on developing oil sands, deepwater gulf prospects and increasingly profitable shale deposits stretching across the continent. One of the premier sweet spots for deepwater exploration, the Gulf of Mexico is the largest body of water indenting the U.S. continental coastline, and its subsea developments continue to spark both national and international interest.

Painting, Coating, and Blasting professionals are the individuals responsible for selecting, priming, applying, and removing the coating systems for various oil and gas equipment and pipelines. The painting/coating of equipment serves a number of purposes including corrosion prevention, providing a non-slip surface, and using bright colours to allow maximum visibility. Painting/coating is extremely useful in drilling equipment where it can help with heat resistance, and in offshore or subsea operations where coatings must stand up to extreme pressures and salt water. "Blasting" refers to the prepping of the surface about to be painted/coated. It involves applying high pressured sand, water or other material to the equipment that is about to be painted/coated. There are numerous jobs available in this field, from designing these systems to the individuals involved in the actual painting, coating, or blasting.

Painting / Coating / Blasting Jobs in NORTH AMERICA

NACE CIP Coatings Inspector

Corrpro Companies, Inc.
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Painting / Coating / Blasting|QA / QC / Inspection

Inspection Coordinator

Wood Group
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CAD / CAM|Fabrication|HR - General|IT - SAP / ERP|Painting / Coating / Blasting|Pipe Inspection / NDT|PR / Corporate Communications|QA / QC / Inspection|Welding

Pipeline Inspectors

WDS Global Partners LLC
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Painting / Coating / Blasting|Pipeline Services


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Maintenance Technician|Mechanical Technician|Painting / Coating / Blasting

Bit Repair Technician

Oklahoma City
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Maintenance Technician|Mechanical Technician|Painting / Coating / Blasting

QA/QC Inspector

Cardno PPI
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Painting / Coating / Blasting|QA / QC / Inspection|Welding

Field Technician 5

Aegion Coating Services, LLC
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Field Service Tech|Painting / Coating / Blasting