Company: Oceaneering
Skills: Diving
Education: High School/Secondary
Location: Houston, TX, US
Status: Active

In order to apply for this position, applicants MUST meet the following criteria. If your resume does not match these criteria, you will not be able to apply for this position.

Company Profile Oceaneering is a global oilfield provider of engineered services and products primarily to the offshore oil and gas industry, with a focus on deepwater applications. Through the use of its applied technology expertise, Oceaneering also serves the defense, entertainment, and aerospace industries. Oceaneering's business offerings include remotely operated vehicles, built-to-order specialty subsea hardware, deepwater intervention and manned diving services, non-destructive testing and inspection, and engineering and project management. Oceaneering Space Systems (OSS) is a precision engineering and manufacturing group which specializes in turn-key design, development, manufacturing, certification, maintenance, and testing of extra-vehicular and intra-vehicular (EVA & IVA) tools and equipment for astronauts, including the Constellation Space Suit System; life support and environmental control systems for space; robotic systems for military, space, and biological research; and thermal protection systems for launch vehicles. We also provide specialized engineering and support services in these areas, and astronaut training in NASA's Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory and Space Vehicle Mockup Facility. **For more information please go to and click on Products & Services, then click on Non-Oilfield, then click on Space Systems. Position Summary The Diver Operations Specialist supports NASA Extra-Vehicular Activities (EVA) training, testing, water survival training, additional NASA programs, research activities, and supports external customers from various industries around the world. Duties & Responsibilities * Topside Monitor - Support test or training events. Support divers as required throughout the day or as directed by Dive Supervisor. * Hoist Operator - Support test or training events. Support divers as required throughout the day or as directed by Dive Supervisor. * Float Video Diver - Maintain video surveillance of in-water activities. * Safety Diver - Continually monitor the Suited Subject's wellbeing throughout entire test. Assist Suited Test Subjects with tasks that are not flight like. * Participate in training scenarios both in and out of the water which may require the wearing of a pressurized suit such as NASA's Extra Vehicular Mobility Unit (EMU) or other type Space Suit Assembly (SSA). * Support commercial operations as required by program needs. * Use Material Handling Equipment (MHE). * Provides minimal fabrication and repair of mockups and/or systems. * Fill pressurized cylinders. * Perform periodic facility maintenance. * Miscellaneous facility clean-up in and out of the water. * Perform various required administrative tasks including: * Daily timecards * E-mail correspondence * Meetings Qualifications * High School Diploma or equivalent education * Nationally recognized SCUBA Certification (NAUI, PADI, etc.), military or commercial license for a minimum of one (1) year and/or six (6) months with advanced/higher dive training * Minimum of twenty-five (25) logged dives * Must pass annual JSC approved dive physical * Must be able to repetitively lift 50-90 lbs * Must pass United States Government background check * Repair/Maintenance/Assembly experience strongly recommended Equal Employment Opportunity All qualified candidates will receive consideration for all positions without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, veteran status, disability, political affiliation, marital status, sexual orientation, or other non-merit factors. Job Board Partnership #RZ# *Job Title:* Dive Operations Specialist I *Location:* Houston, Texas *Job ID:* 11571 *Regular/Temporary:* Regular *Full/Part Time:* Full-Time

Expiration Date: 2017-04-22 Industry: Utilities

Oceaneering develops products and services for use throughout the lifecycle of an offshore oilfield, from drilling to decommissioning.  The company is the world's largest manufacturer and operator of work class Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and is also a leader in offshore oilfield maintenance services, workover control systems, asset integrity services, umbilicals, subsea hardware and tooling.  Oceaneering also serves the aerospace, defense and theme park industries.

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