Company: Shell
Skills: Supply Chain Management
Experience: 20 + Years
Education: Tech/Vocational Cert/Apprenticeship
Location: Houston, TX, US
Status: Active

In order to apply for this position, applicants MUST meet the following criteria. If your resume does not match these criteria, you will not be able to apply for this position.

34195BR MOTIVA Fuels Advocacy & Assurance Manager (Houston, TX) United States Houston, TX Motiva Enterprises is on a journey to become the safest and most profitable downstream company in the U.S. More than 3,700 dedicated professionals comprise the 50/50 joint venture between Shell and Saudi Aramco. Motiva has refineries located in Convent and Norco, Louisiana and Port Arthur, Texas with combined capacity of over 1 million barrels per day, making it the third largest manufacturing company in the Americas. A strategic distribution network of product terminals across the eastern and southern parts of the U.S. delivers quality gasoline and petroleum products to nearly 8,300 Shell-branded retail outlets. Be part of a dynamic and nimble organization where your talents are rewarded and your efforts make a difference in the company’s performance.

As announced on March 16, Motiva’s owners have signed a non-binding Letter of Intent to separate the assets and businesses of the joint venture. Saudi Aramco publicly stated at that time Motiva will be set up as an autonomous integrated downstream affiliate. As such, Motiva remains committed to managing its current business and preparing the organization to function as a stand-alone entity. Motiva is seeking talented professionals who want to make a difference in the company and the industry.
This newly created role has both important individual contributor and formal team leadership responsibilities, including:    

  • Ensuring Motiva’s interests as a US fuels producer/supplier are well represented with the local, state and national policy-making/regulating bodies and trade associations (Advocacy);
  • Ensuring the existence and effective management of material safety data sheets, programs to maintain compliance with chemical control regulations and a robust product stewardship assurance program (Product Stewardship); and
  • Ensuring all pertinent fuels product quality specifications are met (Quality Assurance).
    This new role’s individual contributor accountabilities include: 
    • Monitor state/local legislation and regulation related to fuels specifications, fuels pricing, stationary source emissions, etc., that may impact refining, Supply Operations, Fuels Sales Marketing, and retail JVs;
    • Engage with state and national trade associations such as state petroleum marketer associations, API, AFPM, Chamber of Commerce, etc., to provide input on issues related to Motiva’s assets & business interests based on feedback from business and support staff;
    • Engage with federal, state and local policy makers and regulators in support of Motiva issues;
    • seek input on behalf of Motiva on proposed international, US, and state rules and prepare response to relevant agencies;
    • Gather and maintain insight into the impact of potential and impending local and federal regulations to advocate positions that enhance competitive strengths for Motiva;
    • Set advocacy strategies that include tax considerations for business inclusive of FSM
    • Advise Motiva’s key business stakeholders on regulatory and policy issues affecting all aspects of its business;
    • Lead Motiva’s efforts to obtain necessary fuel related waivers in the event they are required by distribution or other downstream units; and
    • Participate in Motiva emergency response activities related to Motiva assets during weather related emergencies or other incidents.
    Product Stewardship
    Provide leadership to the team who is responsible for:
    • Ensuring Material Safety Data Sheets are in place and compliant with applicable regulations;
    • Ensuring robust Product Stewardship and Product HSE training to the organization;
    • Ensuring Motiva remains in compliance with applicable Product HSE-related laws and regulations globally (for example, REACH in Europe and TSCA in the USA);
    • Providing support to local product stewards in Refining; Supply, Trading & Logistics; and Fuel Sales & Marketing; and
    • Participating in relevant trade associations and other external organizations.
    Product Quality (PQ) Assurance
    Provide leadership to the team who is responsible for: 
    • Managing fuels’ PQ issues in an integrated manner from refinery gate (or supply source) through Distribution to Retail or Commercial customers and to the end user;
    • Implementing the relevant PQ Standards, Manuals, and Procedures in the US for the purpose of strengthening PQ performance across the supply chain;
    • Minimizing the number of and effectively mitigating the impact of PQ incidents;
    • Providing timely PQ incident reporting;
    • Ensuring that all PQ Incidents are appropriately reviewed and learnings shared;
    • Identifying and supporting the implementation of PQ related activities/initiatives to grow business/margin or reduce costs;
    • Providing technical support on fuels marketing initiatives, new fuel grade introduction and product launches, state regulatory requirements, manufacturing regulations, and interfaces as appropriate with STL, Manufacturing, FSM, and Business Development;
    • Supporting annual fuels regulatory compliance checks; and
    • Monitoring and managing performance of inspection companies
    Key Challenges
    • The new leader will need to create the identity and reputation of this new team within the recently formed Supply Logistics organization.
    • The new leader will be challenged to perform individual contributor work (Fuels Advocacy) while also serving as a leader of community (PQ Assurance and Product Stewardship).
    • The new leader must understand a wide scope of issues which could be a play at any given time.  Examples include: fuel quality; climate; carbon tax; motor fuel taxes; pricing; signage; right of first refusal; AST issues; UST issues;  biofuels; Low Sulfur Heating Oil; E15; Renewable Portfolio Standards;  Terminal Regional Resiliency; Divestment; Pipeline Permitting; regulatory issues related to utility rates.

    • Supports Motiva’s end-to-end business, including Refining; Supply, Trading & Logistics; and Fuels Sales & Marketing
    • Reports to GM – Supply Logistics
    • Line manager responsibilities:  4+ direct reports
    • Will be responsible for managing his/her team’s tbd fixed cost budget
    • University degree with qualifications in environmental, technical science, law or equivalent professional experience.
    • The successful candidate will likely possess…
      • 20+ years overall professional experience that includes experience dealing in Trade association settings and dealing with regulatory, legislative and legal processes at the local, state and federal level;
      • an experienced leader of teams
      • prior product quality assurance and stewardship experience;
      • excellent stakeholder management capabilities;
      • excellent oral and written communication skills; and
      • strong analytical skills.

    Learn More about Shell: Watch their Life at Shell Video

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