Company: Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS
Skills: HR - Trainer / Instructor, IT - Analysis & Management
Experience: 15 + Years
Education: PhD/Doctorate
Salary: USD 6,500.00 to USD 9,000.00
Location: Malaysia, Malaysia
Status: Active

No location/work authorization restrictions found.

1. Enhance UTP superior learning environment by introduction of academic and research innovation breakthrough to contribute to industrial and national prosperity.

Job dimensions are based on yearly Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) set as approved by UTP Management.

1. Provide strategic academic leadership.

  • Assist Head of Program to ensure academic and R & D curriculum is keeping pace with the requirements of the industry

2. Introduce innovation breakthrough both in academic programs and research.

  • Lead research team is specialized area
  • Publish research finding in:

o Journals
o Books

  • Disseminate knowledge and finding through seminars and colloquium

3. Supervise post-graduate students to attain high quality research works and professionalism.
4. Conduct research by:

  • Securing and managing research grant
  • Provide expert consultancy services to industry and nation

5. Undertake continuous assessment.

  • Lecture courses
  • Prepare examination paper
  • Examine tests/exam papers
  • Examine thesis/dissertation

6. Enhance Superior Learning.

  • Enhance learning by introducing the latest technology in educational delivery

7. Coaching/Mentoring/Assessments.

  • Act as mentor to faculty and identify potential talents. Provide guidance especially to graduate students

8. Industry Linkages.

  • Strategic network with industry leaders. Act as expert panel (advisory) members to industry

9. Research & Consultancy /Advisory.

  • Provide operational technology to whole organization / industry. Be able to make strategic impact on research /consultancy / advisory at university and national level

10. Identify and develop potential leaders to become industry experts.
11. Perform other duties as and when requested by superiors.
12. Proactively involve in the implementation and maintenance of corporate wide quality culture process (QCP), and health, safety and environment (HSE).

1. Education:

  • PhD with substantial research and teaching experience or Master of Sciences/Master of Engineering with vast experience in related industry and recognized as authority or referral point at national and international level in subject area

2. Working experience:

  • Leader and expert/custodian (minimum academic requirement Master of Sciences or Master of Engineering) with industry recognition at national and international level within 15 - 20 years' experience
  • Attained national recognition
  • Entry level for STAR Expert (Custodian) with industry recognition between 15 - 20 years

3. Skills and knowledge:

  • Capable of integrating and applying Emerging and Pacing technologies
  • Can serve as resource person and liaise with external bodies for projects

1. Able to work independently and provide guidance to junior staff.

1. Secure sufficient amount of research grant and consultancy projects for that particular financial year.
2. Complete research projects within the stipulated time period.
3. Able to patent and obtain intellectual property (IP) copyright.
4. Commercialization of research products.
5. Maintain smart partnership with industry.
6. Develop leaders to become experts and recognized authority in subject area.

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