Company: Schlumberger Land Rigs
Skills: Rig Electrician
Other Skills: DC Power Conversion, BOP, Drawworks Auxiliary
Experience: 9 + Years
Education: Tech/Vocational Cert/Apprenticeship
Employment Type: Full Time Salaried Employee
Location: Conroe, TX, US
Status: Active

In order to apply for this position, applicants MUST meet the following criteria. If your resume does not match these criteria, you will not be able to apply for this position.

Located in region: North America


Reports directly to the Rig Manager ("RM") and functionally to the Country Maintenance Manager when assigned.


Responsible for the maintenance and repair of all Electrical equipment. The Chief Electrician assists the RM in managing the Rig as a profit and performance independent unit while delivering value drilling services to SLR customers. The Rig performances shall exceed the industry benchmarks and operating costs shall be controlled and minimized while developing employee job satisfaction at all levels.


The Chief Electrician should have demonstrated ability to work independently under general supervision and an ability to exercise leadership and set at work an example to junior personnel.
The Chief Electrician should have an industrial electrical certificate or equivalent or shall have adequately demonstrated to a supervisor, through on-the-job experience, an ability to competently and safely perform the tasks as a rig electrician.
The Chief Electrician shall have completed all the training required for the position and must have good communication skills.
As SLR is committed to the highest standard of Quality and Safety, the Chief Electrician shall participate in the QHSE programs of SLR, developing himself at the pace that elements of upgrades to the program are produced.
The Chief Electrician has to promote QHSE as an integral part of the day-to-day work, always meeting the minimum QHSE company standards.


As per current QUEST curriculum for position.


The descriptions below are solely intended to represent the main duties and responsibilities of the position. However, the responsibilities extend to making known, understood and applied all the policies and procedures in place in SLR.

• Full compliance with features of the yearly QHSE plan.
• Hold and conduct weekly safety meetings.
• Ensure that Health & Safety policies are communicated to and understood by all subordinates.
• Conduct regular safety inspections of the rig.
• Communicate through pre-tour / toolbox meetings.
• Liaise with all department head to discuss safe daily operations.


Technical and Operations
• Operate, maintain and repair main and emergency generator.
• Operate, maintain and repair DC power conversion (SCR), Rectifiers, variable Frequency Drives (VFD) and control systems on rigs where applicable.
• Maintain transformers.
• Maintain and repair Low and Medium voltage switch gear.
• Maintain and repair AC Generators and related generator/engine control systems.
• Maintain and repair DC and AC traction motors.
• Maintain and repair across the line or reduced voltage motor starters.
• Maintain troubleshoot and repair Rig control systems.
• Maintain, troubleshoot and repair control system related to Hydraulic equipment.
• Maintain troubleshoot, repair and calibrate Rig Instrumentation systems.
• Maintain Accumulator electrical control and indications system.
• Operate, maintain and repair refrigeration and air conditions system.
• Maintain and repair Living quarter electrical equipment.
• Maintain and repair Drawworks Auxiliary brake or Dynamic Braking system.
• Maintain and repair motor operated valves (gate and butterfly).
• Use electrical schematics, isometric diagrams and wiring diagrams.
• Perform basic electrical power calculations.
• Maintain and repair electrical equipment located in hazardous area in accordance with the regulation in force.
• Perform tests such as insulation tests, vibration tests, and measure electrolyte specific gravity measure voltage AC and DC high potential tests. Etc.
• Lead the deployment and implementation of the Preventative Maintenance System within his department.
• Actively participate in the implementation of InTouch Knowledge database. (Tickets and contents)

• Become familiarized with SLR specific financial policies.
• Assist the RM at the beginning of each year to present to Rig Supervisor a detailed Maintenance plan with itemized $ amounts per account.
• Control inventory and costs as per plan.

Personnel and Training:
• Evaluate the electrical team and prepare and conduct the annual appraisal
• Maintain a positive relationship with customer's representative.
• Co-ordinate the utilization of manpower for its department.
• Audit QHSE passports of his team, and verifies updated training records.
• Follows up closely regarding the progress of SDP Trainees, and Mid-Career Hires, and supports their progress via providing them with proper training, and guiding them to succeed with the help of their "Mentors".
• Set electrical crew members yearly objectives together with the RS, and follow up progress via quarterly reviews.




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