Remembering Our Brothers

Deepwater Horizon Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

The Rigzone Family would like to extend its sincerest condolences to the families and friends affected by the Deepwater Horizon Tragedy. No words we write can possibly bring comfort to those who are hurting so deeply. However, we can remember their lives and make sure they are never forgotten. Please join with us to commemorate our fallen brethren with your comments and condolences.

The life an oilfield worker leads is not an easy one. Few professions lead you away from your loved ones for two weeks, one month, or longer at a time. We work in the loneliest of locations and the work is not easy. However, we do it for our families. No sacrifice is too great for their welfare.

Some will remember these 11 men as loving fathers, devoted husbands, and caring sons. Some will remember them as hard workers and good friends. All of us will remember them as heroes who valiantly did everything they could to save their colleagues and vessel. Just as they stepped up, it is now our turn to step up and ensure their loved ones are taken care of. Transocean has set up a site to help facilitate donations to the families that are in so much pain. Please give what you can at Every dollar makes a difference.

DEEPWATER HORIZON - 11 Men Passed Away
DEEPWATER HORIZON - 11 Men Passed Away DEEPWATER HORIZON - 11 Men Passed Away
DEEPWATER HORIZON - 11 Men Passed Away DEEPWATER HORIZON - 11 Men Passed Away
DEEPWATER HORIZON - 11 Men Passed Away DEEPWATER HORIZON - 11 Men Passed Away
DEEPWATER HORIZON - 11 Men Passed Away DEEPWATER HORIZON - 11 Men Passed Away
DEEPWATER HORIZON - 11 Men Passed Away DEEPWATER HORIZON - 11 Men Passed Away
DEEPWATER HORIZON - 11 Men Passed Away
DEEPWATER HORIZON - 11 Men Passed Away

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hernando arevalo pardo | May. 13, 2010
heroes, simplemente valientess que dia a dia enfrentaban el peligro por llevar algo de comida a casa HEROESS ANONIMOS

Wayne Philpot | May. 11, 2010
My heart and the hearts of my family go out to the loved ones and friends of these 11 men. I know that if there was any way possible for them to escape unharmed from this tragic series of events, that it would have happened that way. The iron that was lost is replacable, but these guys sure arent. Prayers sent to the families of everyone involved in this accident....

Jude Sta Maria | May. 11, 2010
Being both an ex-oilfield hand and Transocean employee, I know what its like to be away from my family and having to face the day to day hazards that comes with the territory, my heart and prayers go out to all the eleven families who have sufferred this terrible loss. My prayers also go out to those who were injured and those who made it home safe. And to those who continue to work offshore, the best thing I can say is to "Do it Right, Do it Once, Do it Safe" and God bless.

M Craig | May. 11, 2010
May they now rest in peace

Denise Ragsdale Dillon | May. 11, 2010
My heart aches for the families who have lost their loved ones, I say a prayer for all of you each day. I sob for you each day knowing the loss you are going through. I lived the life of being the daughter and sister who stands back as our loved ones go out to drill "just one more well, or Ill just make one more hitch" and all the while you hold your breath and say your prayers that nothing will happen. Our families are brave and courageous both those who work as well as those of us who support and love them. My Heart And Prayers Are With You!

poptoy | May. 10, 2010
GOD Bless them and have Mercy on their Souls.

poptoy | May. 10, 2010
GOD Bless them and have Mercy on their Souls.

Jim Spaulding | May. 10, 2010
God rest thier souls. They have given the ultimate sacrifice for our industry. Now let us pray for the families of these wonderful men, and especially the wives and children. Jim Spaulding

Kevin Preudhomme | May. 10, 2010
May God bless and keep the families of these men in their time of need. May the guys souls rest in the peace of our Lord.

John Aguilar | May. 10, 2010
First and foremost my prayers go out to the families who lost their loved ones on the rig. I too work offshore and am saddened that we lost 11 brothers doing what they love. Only one knows what happened,and the 11 workers are already in Heaven with Him. People want to stop drilling in the gulf. They say how its affecting the coast line. Why not remember the loved ones,our brothers,who were on the rig. Oil can be cleaned,the coast will be back to where it was. The 11 loved ones will not return. But one day well all be reunited again in Gods Kingdom. Rest in peace brothers,you will never be forgotten.

Gene Mall | May. 10, 2010
These "boys" will always be in our thoughts along with their families. The life in not easy but the love of the job is something these guys lived everyday. Our thoughts and prayers goes out to the families who lost their love ones. We are sorry to see what happen and that 11 lives were caught short.

garry hughes | May. 10, 2010
from all of us at nov, tec and field Service, ,We praying for you,and all the rest from the deepwater horizon,

Gabriel T | May. 10, 2010
May god bless the families of those who left for the eternal life. Regards, Gab

Garry & Pam | May. 10, 2010
May God be with the families of our fallen brothers. May he also help heal all injuried physicaly & mentally. Its a hard life but we all Love what we do. The oilfield is a demanding and yet rewarding workplace. We all have given in some way - but when our brothers are taken from us - It really Hurts.

I pray for all of you that Gods grace will lift you and help heal you. Garry

Craig DeJean | May. 10, 2010
I was in a similar tragedy years ago off the coast of China in a typhoon.I can`t express of what went through my mind during that terrible time.I was rescued. I lost most of my friends that day,but i never forget those few who were left behind.I hope and pray all of you rest in peace,My prayers also go out to your loved ones.To the survivors,some of you will put this behind you.To those that can`t get help and don`t blame yourselves for surviving.God bless all of you.

Ben Adams | May. 10, 2010
My sincerest condolences to the families of those lost. While they were not with their loved ones when they left this world, take comfort that they were not alone. Anyone who has worked out here in the oilfield knows that you come to think of the men they work with as just an extension of their family. May God comfort their families and may their souls find peace.

They will be remembered.

Mike Farrer | May. 10, 2010
God bless them and there families they will never be forgotten. From an oil worker in the North sea

Todd Collins | May. 10, 2010
Having been associated with Drilling virtually all of my life, this is one of the worst tragedies Ive seen since Piper Alpha. I have a personal relationship with the CEO of TransOcean and I know how important safety is to him and all that work under him. Having worked with BP in the North Sea, I also know how safety conscious they are as well. I am a career drilling hand (engineer by trade, manager at the moment) and I cant put the steps together yet to explain how this accident ocurred. Tragically, our oilfield family shrunk yet again. My heart and prayers go out to each of them, their families and friends.

Bobby New | May. 10, 2010
Nice thoughtful article.

Ike Obinya | May. 10, 2010
May their souls rest in the peace of our lord.

Patti Hebert Elliott | May. 10, 2010
My prayers and thoughts have been with these families and the survivors since the accident. My husband is a deepwater rig electrician and its something I worry about constantly even though my family is second generation oilfield. Much respect to these men and all who go out there day after day. May the comfort of the holy spirit be with you all.

Ripp Gamble | May. 10, 2010
May god bless those families whose lives have been affected by this horrible tragedy. Our prayers are with all! Ripp Gamble

Jeani DeSisto | May. 10, 2010
Thank you so much RIGZONE for your moving correspondence. You are appreciated.

Kindest regards,
Jeani DeSisto

Margie | May. 10, 2010
We pray for their families and friends in this time of sadness, and also for the individuals, and their families, who have been injured in this horrible event. They, too, need our prayers.

Dick Polk | May. 10, 2010
Our oilfield family is greiving the loss of its brothers. We all know the risks and yet we "man up" and load and go because this oilfield is the best place in the world to work and our job is critical to provide the energy resources the world needs.

Our prayers go out to each and every family member that has been affected by this accident and the efforts, dedication and sacrifice of each of these men will not be forgotten.

Dick and Debra Polk
New Tech Engineering

Greg Breene | May. 10, 2010
Rest In Peace Brothers. May God Watch Over And Bless Your Families. May He Also Watch Over The Rest Of Us So This Tragidy Does Not Occure Again To Any Of Us.

camerino rosas | May. 10, 2010
that our lord bless the families and friends from of our fallen oilfield workers a lot of people donīt know yet how hard and danger is to work on the offshore rigs but at the end of this somebody has to do the job god bless every rig worker in the world

DarrylEvans | May. 10, 2010
As a Offshore Drilling worker the day the rig went down,was one of the worst days in my life sence i started 12 years ago.That feeling was sadness for my offshore brothers and their famlies that are effected by this accident . To my extended famliy the guys who put everything on the line the drilling rig workers of deepwater Horizon and their families we pray FOR everyone that are hurt or still missing .

From my family to yours
Darryl Evans ,SK,CANADA

David Saunders | May. 10, 2010
Sincerest condolences to families and friends of those who un-necessarily died as a result of this tragedy.

Safety is not just a word

Geoffrey | May. 10, 2010
I am sorry for your loss! Words cant say enough, God has them now and may one day we meet and share our experiences.

peyman aghaee | May. 10, 2010
my deepest condolences, god bless them and their families

Alfred Cortez,Jr | May. 9, 2010
May our Lord, God guide the families of our fallen oilfield workers from sadness and sorrow.

I started my career as roughneck, I too understand the sacrifices and danger associated.

My wife and I will keep you (families & fallen men) in our prayers

Alfred And Vangie Cortez

Randy Counts | May. 9, 2010
I did not know any of the fallen ones although I spent numerous years offshore. I feel for the families and pray they find peace and have faith to overcome this terrible loss.

mike | May. 9, 2010
God Bless our colleagues and their familys at this sensitive time.that being said,I love my job and wouldnt give it up for nothing.we all know the risks but we still do it.Love and Respect from Saskatchewan.

Casey Guidry | May. 9, 2010
May GOD be with fallen brothers, and may he help their loved ones to cope with their loss.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to every that has been affected by this tragedy.

Larry Bradford | May. 9, 2010
Our prayers good out to these men and there families.

A prayer goes out to the hundred of men and women that are still going to rigs all over the world. We all know that what we do it dangerous. So for the crews still drilling, Be safe.

Joe rover | May. 9, 2010
may god bless to our falling brothers.amen

Terry Bryant | May. 9, 2010
Our thoughts and prayers to the families of the gentlemen who lost their lives in the line of duty to provide for their families. Having to be away from home, missing holidays and family events makes for a difficult life and has its share of risk, but I am sure they would not have chosen another line of work (I write this from Montana in the Williston basin away from my wife in Texas). We do it for the ones we love. My prayer is that our Holy God will bless and comfort the families of those lost in the tragedy.

Terry and Rose Bryant

ALBERTO .G | May. 8, 2010
god bless the families who are going thru these hard and difficult times with out loved ones.GOD BLESS YALL.

Bobby Dillon | May. 8, 2010
My depest sympathies to the families of the lost loved ones. I know the sacrifices they made. May these mens deeds never be forgotten.

Amir Ali Gurmani Drilling Engineer | May. 8, 2010
Oil,Gas fields workers provide energy to rest of humanbeing by sacrifising there family time,health and some time there life.We work in harsh,dangerous envoironment to keep rest of humanbeing heated. God bless all of those who work for humanbeing.

Michael R. Horne, II | May. 8, 2010
I am an oilfirld worker but never had the priviledge to work with any of our fallen brothers. My prayers are with family of each of these brave men and I pray they are safe in the arms of our sweet Jesus.

Thomas Young | May. 8, 2010
I am also a offshore worker and I would like to say to the families that there is a bond between all offshore workers and know that our brothers will never be forgotten. May they rest in peace

kc | May. 8, 2010
My deepest condolences. and may this not go in vain.

Mike | May. 8, 2010

michael snyder | May. 8, 2010
god bless all the families and those brave men for doing what they do. bronco 21

Lea Phillips | May. 8, 2010
For all whom have lost loved ones our condolences and prayers are with you. They are heroes to us & this country! Sincerely The Phillips Family

A Roughnecks Dream (Author Unknown)

I was working in the oil fields one cold West Texas day, And there on the rig floor a dying roughneck lay, He said, "I am off to the Big Rig, the Big Rig Im told Where the crown is purest silver, and the kellys made of gold Where a diamond studded cat line hangs from a pearl gin pole, And the the driller makes all the connections, and you never come out of the hole.

James Byrne | May. 8, 2010
Deepest Sympathy to the families and friends of the 11 brave men from our "Special Oilfield Family" we lost on that sad night.

The industry worldwide continues to challenge us to the limit; we all need to stay focused and match that challenge with an even more determined attitude towards our own wellbeing while in such harsh environments.

Look after yourself, your work colleagues and make sure whatever new challenges come from this tragic event we take them on board, we adopt them 100% to make sure these men didnt lose their lives in vein.
James - England

Troy Benoit | May. 8, 2010
My prayer go out to the familys of the fallen friends and conrads.I ran casing for 15 years.On most all those rig i seen them a few times.I have done safety for a while and BP has the most hardest safety training,around if i train you to work for BP you could work for anybody.BP set the training standard.And i dont work for Bp.

For by grace are ye saved through faith:and that not of yourselves:it is the gift of God: Not of works,lest any man should boast. (Ephesians 3:8-9 )

Lewis Rodriguez Sr.(TACO) | May. 8, 2010
May the LORD wrap his arms around the families of those lost in this terrible incident. That he may comfort and care for them FOREVER

Jonathan Benedict | May. 8, 2010
May they rest in peace. This is a sad reminder of how dangerous our job really is.

Prentiss Fox | May. 8, 2010
My thoughts and prayers go out to these guys and their families. May God bless them and take care of their families.

May the rest of us work to ensure we are all watching the others and make our work areas as safe as possible and hopefully avoid what ever happen here.

Thanks to Rigzone for this mention, I have been watching this from the begining and wondering when someone was going to mention the guys who lost their lives from this tragic accident. Yet till today, 3 weeks later, only today they are mentioned.

Prentiss Fox

Keith Stewart | May. 8, 2010
God bless the families of these special men, I myself am former oil field medic / HSE in Russia. Only these brave men will ever know the real facts of what happened. God bless..

Jason Norris | May. 8, 2010
May god be with these men as they go and with the families as they stay this is a great sorrow and to all my friends at TransOcean may sun shine again. Jason Norris Nabors Drilling

Neculai Veliche | May. 8, 2010
I am also a rig electrician and I know the risks this job involves.I am terrible sorry for that horrible accident because I know it can happen to anyone,anytime.Condolences to the families and power to pass over the tragedy.

Antonio Vargas (Venezuela) | May. 8, 2010
I am also a rig worker and I know the strong and hazzards is this work,my condolences from venezuela..peace on your rest.

rolan lingad | May. 8, 2010
i am also a rig worker,i feel ur pain and sorrow too,my condolences to all of those relatives and friends of the victims on that tragedy,,,

Johnson Atole | May. 8, 2010
They our heroes in this industry. May the good Lord continue to bless your soul from Eternity to eternity. Amen

Md Razip Han | May. 7, 2010
Ill not called them as the fallen heroes.. . . . . .

They are a part of the great bravest human being whose willing to sacrifice their family happiness, their nice ashore life and many others good thing, . . . . . . confine themselves and battling all type of obstacles and difficulties, just to ensure the rest of human being recieved their needs and continually survive.

Now they even sacrified their own lives.

They are the FOREVER HUMAN HEROES . . . . .

Scott Patterman | May. 7, 2010
God bless you all, the families and friends and the surviving hands from a great rig. My family and I heart broken for you and we wish you all he best.

Don Cox | May. 7, 2010
Are prayers are with the familys that lost these brave men. It is the job we do that puts us in danger zone, remember brothers it could have been any one of us, at any time at any well. Though all of this it is good to see someone remember the fallen. We are praying for you.

sedric curvin | May. 7, 2010
Yes this was a horrible accident some how we will never know what happen but all the families even though i never meet those guys this accident hit home for a lot of us and my prayer goes out to those yes working in this environment is rough but we do it for our love ones at home when we are away for two the three weeks at a time thanks, rigzone for you as company for recognizing the families.

Billy Adam | May. 7, 2010
Our sincere condolensces to all family members, we know and share your pain. It was only a year past March when we lost 17 of our colleagues in a helicopter tragedy off the coast of Newfoundland and we are still trying to come to terms with it. One death is one too many but it seems we have had more than our fair share over the last year.

Cpt. MOhamed BERRAZOUANE | May. 7, 2010
Dear All, Seafareres, Oilfields and Rig Workers, Rigzone and families of the missings Please accept my condolences on the death of your beloved relatives and our fallen brethren,.Their sudden death at sea is tragic and heartbreaking. I wish I had words that could make your pain less. But at least you know my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family as you grieve. In sympathy, Captain Mohamed BERRAZOUANE

Ron Gawthorp | May. 7, 2010
God bless the families of these men. We here in West Virginia just lost 29 coal miners. The lives of the miners were celebrated nationally. How unfortunate so few of these oil workers were even mentioned. God comfort their souls and may none or few tragedies such as this face us in the future. Ron Gawthorp Author Richer Than The Rockefellers

Leonard Taylor | May. 7, 2010
Thought and Prayers go out to familys of fallen conrads. May these men always be remembered..

Leonard Taylor
Chesapeake Energy

Roger Donahue | May. 7, 2010
I have worked in the industry for 30 years and it sadens me a great deal to hear about this tragedy my heart goes out to the families of these men I did not know any of them personally but I do fell I have lost a brother they are now and forever in my prayers GOD BLESS

Raimondo Pugliese | May. 7, 2010
God Bless all families.

Pieter | May. 7, 2010
A very tragic reminder that we work in a very dangerous and hazardous industry, where complacency has no business. It reminds us to constantly remain on our toes and ever alert for the slightest changes that might give indication of things going wrong.

It further reminds us why we do our emergency drills & procedures and why we need to remain current with all our certification.

I feel sure I speak for all Australians working in our industry,in sayig that our hearts go out to the families of those injured or killed in this tragic event.

I further goes out to those who will be affected by the oilspill. I hope containment efforts are successfull.

Dr Pieter Berveling

Aamir Shahzad | May. 7, 2010
I imagine whats happens there and with what sceniro the rig and rig crew passed.i salut to all who scrafice there lives and pray that Allahkarim safe peolpes and rigs to pass such sceniro in future.

Frederick Percival | May. 7, 2010
I believe this is a good deed. Thank you. I cut my teeth in the oil field at the age of 14. I worked until the fall of the industry about 1985 (for me).

The oil filed bloodline is as stated: hard, lonely, and we deeply care about each others well being. Opportunity to help ones self and the other man abounds with the hard work. We concentrate on this to safely enjoy our labor[s].

Every one accepts the risk while working on the Rig Floor: and many of us have seen a lot of men come and go for the labor is: Required. It is better they do go. The men who stay share a common bond.

This bond is blood deep, sweat, tiresome, hunger and yet a joy to the surrounding beauty of hope. Going home to family, to land, to the world we are born into.

I believe every office person, every lawyer, every politician before they adjourn: Go spend two weeks on a rig. Not as they are, but whom they will become after having pulled on the slips, thrown the tongs and spent labor in a way some of them did to achieve their education[s].

People often do not realize a similar sacrifice is made when a person heads off to study (educate).

If at all, I pray these good citizens will endeavor to support and defend liberty and freedom, show mercy, support and establish law to the good of our communities.

Cast greed afar, direct the heart and mind of them of such away from the wise prudent thoughts needed to continue building each other up: Not pointing and beating down.

Frederick Percival

K.S.B.Murukesh | May. 7, 2010
Deeply mourning, HSE to be strenghened at Zero error level


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